Thursday, April 3, 2014

Work Visits with the Sisters!

This week was VERY very busy. Lots of work visits with the Sister's, traveling around Lima, getting bitten by insects, CUY, and immigrations. Hermana Lopez and I were separated for 3 days in a row because of work visits we had and I had to go to the center of Lima to go to migrations. So this week was a little unusual.

Lets start with the bugs biting me. Well, I had a work visit and SOMETHING bit me, I don't know what it was, but what I do know is that it got HUGE and it HURT!!..haha. I have these two red spots on my ankle and I had an allergic reaction to it so my ankle got really big and swollen. It was really painful!  I took some medicine and it is getting better. The swelling has gone down so thats good :) 
Ouch...swollen leg!
The CUY :) Cuy is guinea pig. Well, here in Peru sometimes they sell rats and say they are guinea pig. The way you know if it is a rat or guinea pig is if the ¨guinea pig¨ turns black when you fry it...Its really a rat. So on Friday night, a recent convert was frying cuy in her front yard and we were helping her and one of them turned black. She told us that it must have been a rat but it didn't matter because it tasted the same anyway...Ok! That was gross!! So here are a couple pictures of us frying guinea pig and rat and feeding them to the party guests :) Mmmmm :)

So the work visits with the Sister's are going so well. I had a goal starting my mission that I was going to help the Sister's in the mission so that we are baptizing just as much, if not MORE than the Elders. When I got here, the Sister's struggled a lot and it bugged me. I have never been a feminist or anything but I could see the potential in the Sister's and I wanted to help them reach that potential. I am glad I can work with them individually, working in their area, and helping them progress with their investigators. I love being able to travel around Lima helping the Sisters in the mission :)

We have been working a LOT and we have a LOT of potential right now! We have 4 baptisms planned for the 12th of April and we are SO excited for conference this weekend :) Our investigators are excited to go to Conference and listen to the words of the living prophets. President Archibald sent an email to us today that talked about how the words from the living prophets are MUCH more important than the words from dead prophets. How lucky and blessed are we to have a living prophet to listen to today? I am excited to go into conference with my doubts, questions and concerns, ready to find answers and comfort. I know that the prophets are speaking directly to us and their messages are inspired of God.  I hope all of you can go into Conference weekend looking for an answer and be listening to the Spirit to receive your answer. I promise you, your answer WILL come :)

I really enjoyed the Womens Conference. I felt very strongly the love of our church leaders and I LOVED the talk by Henry B. Eyring. I feel so much excitement to be a part of the Lord's work. Not just here in the mission...but to go home and keep working. Womens Conference really got me excited to make a difference in the Church and to serve. I have realized how much giving service can bless our lives and the lives of others and I want to always remember serving the Lord in my life :)

Thank you for all your prayers and love...I love you all so much! Keep on being the great latter-day Saints that the Lord needs and being an example to the people around you. There are a lot of people around us that need help and we can be that light they need in their lives. Keep looking for opportunities to serve :)

Con mucho amor y emociĆ³n,
Hermana Agle  

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