Saturday, May 25, 2013

Washington D.C. South Mission, Spanish speaking

Cami has been reassigned to the Washington D.C. South mission, Spanish speaking, for six weeks while her visa application to PERU is being processed.  She will leave the MTC on Wed. May 29th. She is soooo excited to have this assignment, and can't wait to get into the mission field!

You can write her or send packages to:

Sister Camille Sarah Agle
Washington DC South Mission Office
5242 Lyngate Ct.
Burke, VA 22015 

Monday, May 20, 2013


Hey Mom!
I can't believe I missed Emily giving you your Mother's Day present! That sounds SO awesome! She is always so creative. I hope you took pictures? 

I can't BELIEVE Austin is going to Pittsburgh on his mission! That is so awesome and hilarious haha! Was he excited? What does he think? The little punk didn't email me about his call...I sent an email to Austin, Ian and Ali, but no one responded! I don't know if they didn't get it, or what but tell Ali I want to hear from her! I saw BJ Eldredge in the MTC on Wednesday and he said he had been with Ali the night before, and it made me sad! I miss her a lot! I can't believe Meg and Mikey are engaged! Crazy crazy! Tell them congratulations for me! That's awesome! Also, tell Emily congratulations on her recital! I'm sure she did a great job! It was SO great hearing you guys last night on the phone...Joshie sounded older! 

I really hope you had a good mother's day! I was thinking of you all day! I read about the stripling warriors and about how they were so strong because of their mothers. They say that their testmonies are strong because they never doubted the testimonies of their mothers. That is totally how I feel about you mom! I'm so glad I had your strong testimony through out my life to keep me strong in the church. My patriarchal blessing talks about me following the example of my parents and I am so happy to do that because of the example you have set for me! Thanks again for everything you have done for me! You are the best! 

We had the opportunity to hear from Elder Nelson this week! It was amazing! The spirit is always SO strong when we hear from the General Authorities! When they drive away, we get to stand on the curb and wave goodbye to them! It is pretty cool to be here and be able to hear from them! I love the spirit that they bring. I can feel it throughout my week! 

How are you feeling mom? I had so many friends email me this week and tell me they put your name on the prayer roll in the temple. I thought that was really cool :) I hope you are progressing and getting better! My companion and I pray for you every day! I think it is so cool that Dad is going to be working at the temple! I have grown to LOVE the temple! It is an amazing place! 

Ok, so this whole re-assignment deal! I was pretty frustrated at first. We went into the travel office on Wednesday expecting to get our re-assignments. The woman behind the desk called Hermana Bills, Winters, and Brown up and said "Your visas have been processed, and you are going to Peru next week!" That was SO exciting for them! But I was like "hmmmm...ok so where is my re-assignment?" I wasn't called up to the desk, so I went up to ask, and she said, "We re-assign 100 missionaries per week. You are number 101. You are #1 on the list for a re-assignment next week." So then it hit me that I was going to be here a whole extra week by myself! (Our Elders got re-assigned to Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Washington State). I was really bummed. I have been the one who wanted to get out into the field the most! So all afternoon I was kind of sad and just wondered why I was the one who had to endure another week here all alone. But then I was reading in Preach my Gospel and I came along pg. 133 (In Spanish) which is the lesson on the attributes of Christ. At the beginning of my MTC experience, I decided I would work on one attribute per month and really focus on that attribute, and pray for help to have that attribute. And ironically, guess which attribute I chose this month? yup. Patience. I've been praying for patience a lot this past month and now I am really going to have the opportunity to develop it! Patience is something I have struggled with a lot in MY life. You've always said to me "Just be patient!"...with; siblings, school, gymnastics, and everything! So I decided it would be a great attribute to work on. Yup...Heavenly Father has a sense of humor. Throughout the day I started to realize that for some reason, Heavenly Father needs me here for one more week? I don't know why, but I need to be here. One of the most frustrating things for me was that my Spanish has progressed about as far as it can here, and I feel like for it to progress any further, I need to get into the mission field and speak it all the time. I was frustrated that I was the one who had to stay, but I figure I can help the missionaries in the district below me with their Spanish. My teacher said to me, "Maybe you're trainer isn't ready for you yet."? I know there are so many reasons why I am being held here for a little bit longer. So, I'm happy that I have the opportunity to learn here a little bit more! I'm happy to go wherever the Lord wants me to go! I'll let you all know my reassignment next week! 

Well, I love you all and I can't wait to call you next week! It will probably be Thursday around 7pm Boston time! Love you! 

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Agle
Beach Volleyball

Elder Hansen...a good friend from BYU

My District....I'm going to miss everyone so much!!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

A New Calling...

We can't wait to get to PERU!
So, I have visa news! It's not here. Haha. I will be getting re-assigned this Wednesday or Thursday night! My re-assignment might be 1) waiting here for another week or two, or 2) going to a state-side mission until my visa is approved.  Once I find out, I can call you...but only for about 5 minutes! Thursday night, around 7 o'clock, make sure everyone is home so I can let you know my re-assignment!!  

Hermana Brown and I had something pretty funny happen yesterday! A girl came up to us and said, "Are you Hermana Agle and Hermana Brown?!" And we were like "uhhhh yes?" and she said, "I got here on Wednesday and I totally read both of your blogs before I entered the MTC! I am going to your same mission!" GREAT job on the blog, mom!  It was so much fun to meet another sister going to the Lima West mission. 

I do have some interesting news... This past Sunday, I was called to be my zones Sister Training Leader. This means I am in charge of all of the Hermana's in my zone. The three Elders in my district are the zone leaders, so together we are responsible for welcoming the new districts, instructing them on the mission rules, etc., and giving them a tour of the MTC. I also have the responsibility to go around to all of sisters rooms every night to check in on them.  Writing in my journal has become harder, because I don't have as much time at night...but I'm doing my best! I was kind of nervous to accept this calling because I feel like I still need help myself, plus I'm one of the younger sister missionaries, but, I remembered a conversation I had with Cameron where he told me that when he was having a hard time in the mission field, the best thing he did was try to serve those around him. I thought about this and really tried this week to serve all of the Hermana's in my zone. I have been so blessed because of it! It has been awesome, and I have been lifted up!

So, yes, I did see Dad in his car on Sunday(Brian drove by the MTC last Sunday while he was in Utah...and just happened to see Cami walking between the MTC and the temple). And I wasn't upset! But, at the same time, I felt really bad because I couldn't go over and talk to him. Here are the reasons why: 1) I was called as Sister Training Leader that day, and I had the new Hermana's in our zone with me, so I needed to set a good example.  2) That morning we had Mission Conference and for 20 minutes they talked about how we should not have visitors come meet us at the temple, and 3) We had a fireside last week about being perfect examples for the incoming missionaries, so that we could make this age change be a miracle...and not a complete disaster. Plus, Dad is the one who drilled "exact obedience" into my head before my mission, so I knew he would understand :) It was hard walking away, though! I wanted to talk to him so bad! Today is my 1 month mark, so only 17 more months, Dad! It will go by quick!

The MTC has been great as always! I still can't believe I have been here for 4 1/2 weeks and I only have 1 1/2 left. Time flies. I continue to learn so much everyday and my investigators are progressing, which I love to see. Yo se que este Evangelio es verdadero. Yo se que el Libro de Mormon es la palabra de Padre Celestial y Jose Smith era una profeta que tradujo el Libro de Mormon. Yo se que podemos recibir revelacion por medio de leido las Escrituras y orando con Dios. Thomas S. Monson es un profeta verdadera y esta Evangelio es verdadero. Las familias pueden ser juntos por todo el tiempo. Les quiero mucho todos.

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Agle
Hermana Brown and I in our classroom
My Zone after a fun afternoon in the rain
Yep...those are all of my boxes!! Love Packages!
Love wearing this nametag!
Elder Laulu-Pututao(BYU Football player) is in my zone
Absolutely LOVE these girls!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Packages, Packages, Packages....THANK YOU!

Hi Mom!
I cant believe it is already half way over! Time has gone by fast, but slow as well. I told Avery in a letter, days are like weeks and weeks are like days. Time is so weird here. My district has been the youngest in the zone for three weeks now and the one zone older than us leaves this Monday. We just got a new district this Wednesday so we are going from youngest for three weeks to the oldest for three weeks! Big change! Its weird having a new district because I am so used to our little zone. We made it into the beach volleyball tournament during gym time and it is so fun! It will be really sad saying goodbye to them this Monday, and it will be weird being the old district in the zone! Its May now, though, so there will be LOTS of people coming in here shortly. Our schedules have been changed because of all the incoming P-day is now on Fridays!

I've been getting Dad's packages. The one of the carrots and apples cracked me up. Oh and my zone LOVED your ranger cookies, mom! They called them cookies from heaven. Here are answers to some of Dads questions:

1) Yes, seeing Jess Howell was a coincidence.
2) I don't know my President's first name.
3) I play volleyball during gym
4) I have three teachers. Hermano Wadsworth (I LOVE HIM...he's an amazing teacher) and Hermana Williams. They both served in California. Hermana Vogueler was also our teacher but she leaves for Mexico next week.

5) Our investigators here are teachers that are acting as people that they encountered on their missions. They are really good actors, let me tell you!! 
I haven't heard anything about my visa. The sisters in my zone that are leaving this week all got reassigned because their Argentina visas didn't come. One is going to Portland and the other, Tempe, AZ. Pretty cool! I would be totally fine with getting re-assigned. But who knows! I'm just here following the Lord's will whatever or wherever that is!

I think I've gotten three packages a day for the past week. It has been crazy! Please please please tell the Gold's, the Laurel's, the Birrell's, Ali and Becky, and the Pierces thank you thank you thank you! Everything was SO great! Getting packages is the best thing ever! Dad writes me everyday and I LOVE IT!

So I had a cool experience this week! My teacher Hermana Williams really wanted to teach us how to teach by the Spirit. I've learned a lot about teaching by the Spirit.  We all picked a scripture that we thought she needed to hear and taught it to her in ENGLISH (that was a HUGE gift). We taught in English because she really wanted us to focus on the Spirit. So we taught and it was so cool because we all taught with different scriptures, but all of our messages to her were the same! And at the end, she said that a bunch of her prayers were answered through our lessons to her. It was amazing! I taught Alma 26 verses 25-32. Those verses have helped me a LOT lately! It was sweet. Also, in TRC (where we teach volunteer members who come in) I taught this older man and I was kind of bummed because my lesson was geared toward younger people. But we taught it anyway and after the lesson he went up to my teacher and asked, "who planned that lesson?" And she said "they did". And he said, "I've been coming to TRC for 20 years and that was the best lesson I have ever had. They answered my prayers." and he started crying! It was the coolest thing! I have learned that while I am teaching, I am not ACTUALLY teaching. It is the Spirit that is teaching the investigator and testifying of Christ to them. It is so amazing to see!

So, update on our investigators...Monica is coming to church and reading her scriptures. She has very deep doctrinal questions sometimes that are hard to answer. Her latest one: "Why do there have to be three kingdoms? Why can't there just be a heaven and a hell?" I encourage you all to search the scriptures for that answer! It took us a while but I think we were able to answer her question! She's a tough one, though! Gabriel, our other investigator is a hoot. But he drinks and does a lot of drugs. We taught him about the Word of Wisdom and repentance and he cares so much about his family. I asked him one day if he had been reading his scriptures and he said no. I was so frustrated!! I told him that we can't help him change his life and come closer to Christ if he didn't do his part.  He has read ever since then :) Sometimes it is very necessary to be bold as a missionary! So investigators are doing well and I am learning a lot! I can't wait to teach the people in Peru, though!!

I'm glad things are going well at home and everyone is getting excited for the summer! Tell everyone I say hello! Tell the Young Women to prepare for missions! They are amazing!! I love you all and miss you all so much! Keep working hard and live the gospel! I know that this gospel is true. My testimony grows stronger and stronger everyday and I know that if we live the gospel, we will be so blessed in our lives. Have a great week!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Agle

Taking Tamiflu when a roommate is quarantined with the flu
LOVED the Chips and Salsa...package sent by Becky and Ali

My Zone
My District...LOVE them!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Letter to DAD...April 21, 2013


I hope you guys got my email and letter!  I'm just writing this letter to answer some of Dad's questions because he has a LOT!  But that's okay, I love getting his letters!

1) Dad, keep writing in your journal!  I have written in mine every single night and I intend to for the next 18 months (17 1/2 months :)

2) Richard G. Scott came and spoke and today the General YW President spoke in Relief Society...way Cool!

3) Church is great!  A little scary because every week, everyone has to write a talk and they decide who is actually giving the talk when sacrament meeting starts.  Scary!  It's also 100% in espanol!  Today there were only 6 sisters so there was a 1/6 chance I would bet called on(they pick one Elder and one Sister).

4)  I LOVE my district.  4 Hermana's going to Lima West and 3 Elder's going to Argentina Buenos Aires North (they'll get reassigned because all of Argentina is).  We have the smallest district but I love it!  Our zone is only 2 districts and this week 4 of the 10(in the other district) are leaving, and we have no one coming in this week...AKA I'm definitely (probably) going to get called on to speak next Sunday because our zone will only have 13 missionaries!

5) I saw President Brady but didn't say "HI" because I didn't think he would know who I was!

6)  My branch president is President Jolly. 

7) I'm pretty sure I'll get my VISA by my 6 week mark.  The 4 of us Hermana's did a VISA fast :)!!

8) I have received packages from Hannah Early, Grandma, Cameron, the Birrell's, Tyler, the Laurel class...and several others.  PLEASE make sure you tell these people how much I appreciated them!

9)  I JUST heard about the Boston Marathon bombing!  So scary!!  Glad you guys are all safe and well!

10) It is literally a Cascade Elementary reunion here!  I can't tell you how many times I've heard "Cami Agle?!"  You moved away in 4th grade, right?  I even walked into gym one day and a kid yelled(in front of the whole gym class), "Guys, this girl was my first crush in second grade!"  Naturally, my face went bright red!

11)  Mom's blushing genes are going to be the death of me.  Every time I teach an investigator my cheeks are always bright red when I am finished.  My nervousness is so obvious, and my district likes to make fun of me for that!

12)  The MTC was hard in the beginning, because it hit me how long 18 months is!  Especially being away from family.  EVERY single second of EVERY day is planned out, and it is a lot of WORK...but I have grown to LOVE it here!

13) I hope everything is going OK and just know that I miss you guys a lot!  If you get a chance, search Elder Bednar's talk "Character of Christ".  He gave the talk here at the MTC and is should be on Youtube.  BEST talk you'll ever hear!  Also, Mosiah 3:19!  So amazing.  I love this Gospel and my family!  Tell Josh, Em, Ave and Ty I love them!

Love you,
Hermana Agle