Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Fruits of our Labors

This is Ali :) He is 10 and comes to church by himself every single week :) We are trying to teach his family so we can baptize him! He is JUST like Josh :) He reminds me a lot of him and makes me miss him!! I showed him a picture of Josh and he says he looks like a cool kid :)

This week was SO freaking awesome!! Hermana Juana was baptized FINALLY. After attending church for 4 months, she finally decided to be baptized and support her daughters :) It was SO great to see her enter the waters of baptism :) And William baptized her (the super short guy in the picture :)) William was completely inactive when we got here and so we started working with him to ¨rescue¨ him. We finally helped him become active again and now he is waiting to receive his mission call :) So we thought a great way to get him in the mission spirit would be to ask him to baptize Juana Alejandro and Alexander :) William and Juana basically live in our pensionista's house (where we live as well) so we are like one great big family.

I LOVE these three A LOT :)  It was one happy day!!

And Hermana Juana really really likes the fact that I am American!! She said that we needed to take a picture of the two of us to send to my family so they could all know who she is :) So, she is :) Hermana Juana :) 

This is Alejandro!  Alejandro had a really great experience the night before his baptism :) He was kneeling down praying before bed, and thanking God for the experience his son has had in the church...praying and thanking God for the happiness his son now has in his life. While he was praying, a voice came to him that said ¨And you my son?¨ 

In that moment, Alejandro knew that God was HIS father and he was so happy to be baptized in God's church the next day :) AHHHH this family is so so special to us! The gospel is SO true!!  

I LOVE being a missionary, and I love the people in PERU! It is such a privilege to be here sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Hermana Agle :)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Wow. This week has been GREAT. So many miracles happening here in Los Olivos! I have really grown to love this work because I know the Lord is working right alongside me :) I am just here to be his mouthpiece :) Well, I'll start with the most exciting news...

Remember Fiorella, Kiara and Aracely that were baptized on November 23, 2013?? Well, at the time, their mom decided that she did not want to be baptized. We worked and worked and worked with her for a long time. Her name is Juana. She comes to church every single week but she would not accept a baptismal date, so we had to drop her, in December, as an investigator. Well, this week, Hermana Lopez and I were talking about what we can do to help Fiorella, Kiara and Aracely (our converts and her children) progress in the gospel. We decided that the ONLY thing that would really help would be for their mom to be baptized so they could receive the blessings of the gospel as a family. But we had already done everything we could to help her, so we decided to set up an appointment for her, with the Bishop. Our Bishop is so great! (side story: His name is Rey Leon which means Lion King :) so thats kind of fun :)) Our Bishop is really good with families and helping families with their responsibilities with their kids. So...this Sunday Juana had her interview with the Bishop, and during Relief Society after her interview she walked in, sat down next to Hermana Ana (our pensionista) and said ¨Me voy a bautizar¨. I didnt hear it, I just saw her lips move so I was freaking out. I told Hermana Lopez and we were dying for Relief Society to end so we could go talk to her!! haha. We went up to her right after RS, and she told us that she had decided to be baptized, that she knew the church was true and she wanted to support her daughters in the Gospel. :O WE WERE SO EXCITED. Seriously a miracle!! Man, the Lord has been working hard on her and she finally softened her heart and she will be baptized February 22nd :) We are SO excited!!

We have 3 more investigators getting baptized as well this Saturday and one more set for March 1st. Susy is 17 years old and received her answer that the church is true in about one week :) She is more than stoked to be baptized this weekend :)

Also, Alejandro and his son Alexander are getting baptized this Saturday. This is another miracle that we have seen. They have been coming to church for the past 2 weeks and yesterday we had a lesson with Alejandro after church. Alejandro told us that he has felt so special these past two weeks. That everytime he goes to church with his son, he just feels so good and peaceful. His life has been going so smoothly and he just feels that it is right. That it is from God. He says that he ¨has found something so significant in his life that he didn't even know he was searching for¨. That really made me so happy to hear, and a little teary to be honest :) This is what the gospel does for people! Makes them so happy and their life SO full! In Elders Quorum Sunday, they talked about the family. And how sometimes, when things are not going well in a marriage, couples just take the easy route and they split up. They just give up on each other and on their kids and separate. Alejandro separated with his wife 3 years ago and it really affected him and his kids. As Alejandro was listening to this class in Elders Quorum, it made him think about his family, and what had happened. He left church really thinking about this Elders Quorum lesson. When we got to his house he told us that if he had heard that class three years earlier, he would not have split up with his wife. Sometimes things get hard, but with the Gospel in our lives, there is ALWAYS a way out. The family is ordained of God. And Alejandro is fully aware of that now. He was pretty sad that he hadn't heard the gospel earlier to fix things with his wife three years ago, but he is grateful that he has it now to continue to grow with his son. We love this family so much and I am SO excited to send photos of their baptism this week!! 

This week I had a work visit on the beach! I am SO tan!! Haha. It was beautiful! It is called Miramar and I had the chance to go there and work with the Hermanas :) We did service one of the days and we climbed a HUGE hill (the ¨mountains¨ here are just HUGE piles of dirt). Anyways, we climbed this hill and had to level out a 5 meter square so that an old man could build his house up there. So...we had to break these HUGE boulders and throw them down the hill!  It was HARD work and it took about 4 hours to do. But it was a really interesting experience and I had fun :) Being a sister training leader brings lots of fun experiences. I am really grateful for my calling :)

Alright, well I am SUPER pumped this week. Hermana Lopez and I are going to keep working hard and looking for the people that are ready to hear the gospel :) Thank you all for everything and I love you!! 

Con BASTANTE amor,
Hermana Agle :)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Plague

This week has been a crazy, awesome week!! Let's start with the crazy.

There was a plague of cockroaches in my house on Thursday night. It was the most horrific thing I have ever seen!! We got home from proselyting and I walked into the kitchen and there was a cockroach that ran across my foot. That is normal so I just stepped on it and moved on. As I was walking out of the kitchen, I turned the corner and there were two more HUGE ONES. That really grossed me out so I called my companion to come and kill them. She came and killed those two and started looking around for more. She gasps and says ¨Hermana Agle, leave the kitchen right NOW.¨ I ran over and there were like 40 more in the corner of the kitchen!! We ran and grabbed the poison to spray and kill them all. (when I say WE I mean Hermana Lopez...I was on the opposite side of the room). She sprayed the corner and they all started running around the room! Oh my gosh it was awful!! We found the hole they were coming out of and Hermana Lopez sprayed the hole. Well...that was an awful idea because then about 50 more ran out of the hole all around the house!! I was dying. They were everywhere!! You know that part on the Indiana Jones ride were you go into the tunnel and all those bugs are crawling around in the tunnel. THAT is what it was like. The floor, the ceiling, the furniture, and the food...Everything was filled with cockroaches!! It took about 3 hours to kill them all. There is a lot more to the story...haha...but basically we killed the majority. We keep finding a few, but there seems to be less and less everyday. We covered the hole but are starting to regret moving into our new house!! 

This week we had an inactive member rescued! To be rescued, we need to teach them all of the lessons again, they need to come back to church for a couple weeks and have an interview with the bishop. Remeber Hermano Espinoza? The less active man that I shared Mormon 9 with? He was rescued this week! We went to his house to teach him the last lesson and at the end of the lesson he expressed to us how grateful he was for us and how returning to the church has blessed him so much in his life :) His family is strong! They will be such a great help to the church :) I am so glad that the Espinoza family is reactivated and enjoying all of the blessings of the gospel again :)

Hermana Lopez and I are teaching a father and a son and they are going to be baptized on February 22nd :) They are Alejandro and Alexander. Remember my convert Teo?? It is her brother :) He came to church yesterday and told us it was the first time that he has felt peace in his life in a LONG time. So, we challenged him to be baptized with his son and they accepted!! They are so great! Alexander is so hilarious, it is fun to teach him. He is 14 and just the funniest kid :) We are excited for this family!! 

Just one more classic President Archibald quote :) We were in a zone meeting with President and a missionary was talking about how sometimes his fasts don't work and he was asking President about why that is? President responded and said, ¨The fast doesn't work because it is not a sacrifice to fast from rice!¨ Haha...all of the Peruvians did not think that was funny ;) 

Alright, thank you all for your letters and support. This month I am working on humility again! I hope everyone is keeping up studying Christ-like attributes! I am so grateful to be a missionary in this time. I love being a missionary and bringing his gospel into the lives of others :) It is such a blessing. This gospel is true, and the Book of Mormon is true. I know Joseph Smith was a prophet and that God lives. Christ is the Savior and is there to help us always. I love this gospel! Keep sharing with friends and family. We are in a new time period! It is time to share the gospel with everyone!! You just have to open your mouth :) People are secretly interested, trust me :) I love you all! Have a great week!

Hermana Agle

Monday, February 3, 2014


Pankekes...This is me teaching our investigators how to make pancakes...they are quite the phenomenon here!

This week has been kind of crazy...Lots of things happened! We had transfers on Tuesday and I am still here in Los Olivos with Hermana Lopez and I am SO excited about that!! As sister training leaders, 2 zones were added to our area. So we now have 6 additional sisters...34 sisters TOTAL to take care of!! So crazy! So we have started the transfer with lots of calls to the sisters to see how they are doing. Lots of sisters are opening new areas and training so we have been calling to see how they are doing. Among them is Hermana Jones! She got transferred to Puente Piedra and is training again!! I now have 2 granddaughters. I feel like an old missionary!! I am so excited for her, though! She is such a great missionary and trainer :) So...Hermana Lopez and I are excited to keep the work up and continue helping the Hermana's in the mission. 

Hermana Lopez and I also moved this week! Our apartment was pretty expensive and our pensionista had an extra room to rent in her house...So we moved there! It is great because it is more central to our area, closer to the chapel and we just have to walk down the stairs to eat every day :) The apartment is great and comfortable :) The only down side is that now everyone knows where we live and we have very late night visits sometimes with our investigators...yelling for us to come out and talk :) But we explained to them that we cannot be out late... and hopefully we won't have too many late visits :)

Here in Peru in February, they have something called the ¨Carnivales¨. February is HOT here in Peru. Really hot. So, the solution is that everyone, and I mean everyone, walks around with buckets of water and water guns getting everyone soaking wet. Through the WHOLE month...and it started this week! So my companion and I, as we proselyte, have to hide walking from house to house so we don't get soaking wet. People think it is funnier too that we are missionaries so we are like a target for them!!  I got hit pretty good yesterday... So February is going to be fun :) I think I am going to have to wrap all of my scriptures in plastic bags :)

Thank you for all of the support and prayers :) I love you all! My testimony has really grown so much on my mission. I know this church is true. I know that God lives and loves us very much. I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet and the Book of Mormon is SO true. I love the Book of Mormon. If you haven't read it, or if you are not reading it right now, you should start :) It is an amazing volume of scripture. I am so blessed to be here in Peru blessing the lives of others :)

Con mucho cariño,
Hermana Agle

Seeing God's Miracles!

Angie and Gianpierre's Baptism!

AHHH thank you so much for your prayers! We had a MIRACLE this week. We worked so hard....The hardest that I have ever worked in my whole mission! And up until Saturday at 3 in the afternoon, we didn't have a baptism. Yamile had left her house with her boyfriend, and Gelen, her sister did not want to get baptized without her sister there....So that baptism fell through, which was SO sad. We told the family that getting baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ was going to bless them so much and that Yamile would come back to the house. We left, Saturday morning, so sad that Yamile hadn't shown up so they could both be baptized that night. We had also gone to Angie and Gianpierre's house to see how their parents were feeling about their baptism and they had still said NO...that it was too soon. Man, I was heartbroken. I felt abandoned, I was doubting a lot of things and I needed help. 

A few days earlier I was reading in Helaman 4 verses 13, 15 and 16 and I realized how much I needed to humble myself before the Lord. When we are humble and we repent, Heavenly Father will always bless us, and allow us to ¨prosper¨ as the scripture says. Well, we needed to prosper in our missionary work! So I put these scriptures into practice and I was REALLY humbled. And I knew God would bless us with a miracle. So, this Saturday morning I was just so sad because I felt like I had really done everything I could for these 4 investigators. Hermana Lopez and I hadn't baptized in three weeks and that was really hard for me. I kept thinking about what I was doing wrong. Well, after lunch, we decided to go ask Angie and Gianpierre ONE more time. We went to their house and they ran down the stairs out to us so excited and said ¨Mom and Dad said yes!!! We are getting baptized tonight!!!¨

We went to the baptism with these two and their family as well. They have five kids in the family, ANgie, Gianpierre, Cristian, Emily and Efrain. And they are CRAZY kids. Except Angie, she takes care of all the little ones (she reminds me a lot of Emily :)) The WHOLE family came, because we basically dragged them there to see the baptism. Angie and Gianpierre were baptized and it was a beautiful baptism. Angie's testimony was the purest testimony I have ever heard. The whole time Cristian was running around and I was chasing him trying to make him quiet and President(he attended) was just laughing at me from the stand...haha, but it was a GREAT baptism :) And the best part of all!: After the baptism, Angie's parents expressed to us how they felt at the baptism and how they are all going to start coming to church as a family!!! It is like they had a change of heart in just a few hours! Our zone leader, Elder Wheatley, called us and said ¨How did you guys do it??¨ And my only response was, ¨We didn't do anything. God did it.¨ And it is SO true. These parents had the hardest hearts. They wanted nothing to do with us. They wanted their kids to listen to us...but they wanted nothing from us. And literally, in a matter of a couple of hours, they had a change of heart and have accepted the gospel in their lives. I learned SO much from this experience. That God IS there. He is listening to us and HE ANSWERS PRAYERS. After the news, that they were going to be baptized, all Hermana Lopez and I could do was go home, kneel down, and thank God for everything that He has done for us. I know that He is there and He is helping us with this work.

I know that every single hardship we go through has a purpose. I know that God loves us SO much that he gives us challenges so that we can learn something from them and grow and progress. So many people here in Peru ask us why there is so much sadness in the world and my response is always that we experience sadness so that we can experience great joy in the next life. I know that we have hardships for a reason, and I know that God is there and he listens to our prayers...Our concerns...our hardships, anything. He is listening and He will always answer. I am SO grateful for this miracle :)

Well, today we have transfers so we will see if I get transferred! Just found out that Hermana Jones is leaving El Olivar! Changes are crazy on the mission! I will let you all know next week! LOVE YOU ALL!

Con MUCHO cariño,
Hermana Agle 
I LOVE these kids soooo much!!