Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Fruits of our Labors

This is Ali :) He is 10 and comes to church by himself every single week :) We are trying to teach his family so we can baptize him! He is JUST like Josh :) He reminds me a lot of him and makes me miss him!! I showed him a picture of Josh and he says he looks like a cool kid :)

This week was SO freaking awesome!! Hermana Juana was baptized FINALLY. After attending church for 4 months, she finally decided to be baptized and support her daughters :) It was SO great to see her enter the waters of baptism :) And William baptized her (the super short guy in the picture :)) William was completely inactive when we got here and so we started working with him to ¨rescue¨ him. We finally helped him become active again and now he is waiting to receive his mission call :) So we thought a great way to get him in the mission spirit would be to ask him to baptize Juana Alejandro and Alexander :) William and Juana basically live in our pensionista's house (where we live as well) so we are like one great big family.

I LOVE these three A LOT :)  It was one happy day!!

And Hermana Juana really really likes the fact that I am American!! She said that we needed to take a picture of the two of us to send to my family so they could all know who she is :) So, she is :) Hermana Juana :) 

This is Alejandro!  Alejandro had a really great experience the night before his baptism :) He was kneeling down praying before bed, and thanking God for the experience his son has had in the church...praying and thanking God for the happiness his son now has in his life. While he was praying, a voice came to him that said ¨And you my son?¨ 

In that moment, Alejandro knew that God was HIS father and he was so happy to be baptized in God's church the next day :) AHHHH this family is so so special to us! The gospel is SO true!!  

I LOVE being a missionary, and I love the people in PERU! It is such a privilege to be here sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Hermana Agle :)

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