Monday, March 3, 2014

Miracles at Work

Ok, the miracles here are getting out of control :) But I am totally fine with that :) Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE being a missionary? It really has changed my life for the better :) My testimony has grown, I have grown to LOVE the Book of Mormon and I am developing lots and lots of living skills. The mission is the best :) I am SO excited to hear about all of the Sisters going on missions from our ward!! Elizabeth Whatcott, Jordan Berrey, Alex Johnson!! And Hunter!! He is not old enough to serve a mission(and not a sister either...haha)! But that really just makes me so happy and excited for them!! 

This week, Susy was baptized(See photo above)!! Her story is pretty amazing. The first time we ever had contact with her, she was NOT nice. We were looking for a reference and she told us to go away and not come we didn't. But a couple Sunday's later, these two woman showed up at church and we got their address and set up an appointment with them. We went to the appointment and it was Susy's house!! Turns out her sisters had gone to church to learn more and Susy ended up listening to us as well, and she was the first to get baptized :) :) It's funny how the Lord works isn't it? She is so cute, and she keeps saying ¨I am SO sorry for that first day!!¨ haha...we already have forgiven her :) She LOVES the gospel. She bore her testimony at her baptism and just kept saying how the gospel had just changed her life and she had this happiness in her life that she had never felt before. And she knew it was the gospel :) We are working with the rest of the family as well. They were praying as a family to know which church was true before we arrived. God is powerful right?? Well, right when we starting going to visit them, so did 3 other churches. So now we teach them Monday's and the other nights of the week are reserved for the other churches ---___---. Satan is working as well. BUT I know that WE WILL BE TRIUMPHANT :) God is so much more powerful than Satan. SO I know they will be baptized as well. Its a family of about 10 :) So keep your eyes out for a baptism of 10 in these next couple of weeks :) Also, we have Monday's so we always do a Family Night with them. That is something that I have learned on my mission, that Family night's are POWERFUL and IMPORTANT. I hope everyone is doing them every week with their families :) If you are not, repent and start please :)
Another miracle below!

(This is from an excerpt written by Cami to her mission president...)
This week I learned the importance of being a missionary 24/7. I loved that letter you sent out a few weeks ago that talked about 4 things we need to do as missionaries to improve. One of them is to think, act and be a missionary ALL the time. SO I have been trying to put that into practice more. So every single time we are in a taxi, we are teaching the taxi driver. About 3 months ago we were teaching a man named Carlos, who was our taxi driver. We wrote down his address and left him with a pamphlet with our names and number. Well, about 2 weeks later he called us and said, ¨Hey, your friends still haven't arrived at my house, when are they going to come??¨ So we called the offices right then to pass the reference straight to Elder Schenk. Well, this week we got a call from Carlos. He said that the missionaries arrived at his house, he and his wife got married, and they all got baptized the next Saturday as a family!! As he cried, thanking us for teaching him that day in his taxi I just felt so glad that I had opened my mouth that day :) He actually came to our ward on Sunday to thank us in person with his family and expressed to us how the gospel has changed his life so much. He has friends (a family!) that live in our area that want to hear the gospel as well, so we have an appointment with them this Tuesday and Carlos is going to introduce us :) Wow, President, thank you so much for that letter!! I am so glad I was able to be part of this families experience just by teaching Carlos 5 minutes in the taxi. I realized how important it is to ALWAYS remember who we are and to be missionaries ALWAYS. Not just while we are proselyting. That was a really amazing experience!
This week I got the WE LOVE YOU sign that the young woman made! It made me very happy :) I loved hearing from the Littleton ward! It is hanging right over my bed :) Emily's note was my favorite :) Made me very very happy. She is the best, I miss her a lot! And Joshie boy. His note made me laugh: ¨I hope you have a good mission¨ Haha ...Joshua. I loved it!!

Well, Hermano Espinoza had an accident this week and he lost all of his memory. We went over to visit him and he did not recognize us at all. He doesnt recognize his wife either. That was really heart breaking. BUT, he got a blessing and little by little, he is remembering. We went over yesterday and he said to me, ¨You are my friend right??¨. The cool thing is that he remembers all of the hymns! So we sang with him and sang and sang :) But it was really hard to see. He was doing so great. So if you could all keep Hermano Espinoza in your prayers, I would appreciate it. 

This week I ate Tocosh. It is a potato that they put in the ground for a year and a half to ferment, and then tey eat it. It as a LOT of nutrients and it is really good for you. It was also horrific haha. I hope to never eat it again!! 

Ok, I love you all!! Thank you for all your love and support. I am so grateful for this gospel. I know the church is true. I have no doubt in my mind. God works miracles and He is aware of each and every one of us. I know Joseph Smith is a prophet and that the Book of Mormon is true. Keep living the gospel!! It will bring so much happiness into your lives!! Love you all!

Con mucho cariƱo,
Hermana Agle 

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