Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Room Full of the Spirit

Well, this week has been great as usual :) The mission is filled with challenges and hardships but it's pretty hard to get down on things like that because you're a missionary! It is hard to be depressed as a missionary! Logan Barlow said that in his email last week and it is SO true!! Being a missionary is just the best :) I hope all of you Young Men and Young Women in the ward are planning on serving a mission! It is really the best :) 

So this week was awesome! Carla was baptized (See photo above)! She is 14 years old and she LOVES the church!! This whole family are members of the church, but they've gone inactive. Carla and her sister were never baptized so we've been visiting this family to reactivate them and baptized Carla and Katty (her sister). Carla showed SO much interest right off the bat. She loved the Book of Mormon so much and she LOVES seminary. Seminary starts at 6:00am here and she gets to seminary at 5:30am every morning (I know because we live on the second floor and every morning at 5:00am I am woken up by Carla's voice :) But that's ok because I LOVE that she is going to seminary!). She is definitely an example to all of the other students and she wasn't even a member! She loves the gospel and was so happy to be baptized Saturday:) Her baptism was awesome :) Hopefully we can help the whole family have the enthusiasm that Carla has about the gospel :)

This week we taught a family and had a family night with them. They loved it so much that they invited us back for their grandfathers birthday party so that we could share a message with the family. So we got to the birthday party and told them that we were going to share the message and go because we had another appointment. We decided to share the Plan of Salvation (it was his 91st birthday :))...and as we finished we got ready to head out. BUT Peruvians are very very VERY obssessed with their food. They would NOT let us leave without eating first. The people here are so caring. They give you everything they have even if it means they wont have anything the rest of the day. (We even had to stop teaching a family because we found out she was feeding us the food that she would have been eating herself if we didn't come.) The people are VERY generous...they really recognize us as representatives of Christ, and the are willing to do anything for us. So,anyway....back to my story. Well, this family would NOT let us leave without eating first. So they go grab a plate of food for us, and come back with an entire trout that was just fried and corn and a potato. My companion was thrilled because she had never tried trout before and was so excited to try it. I, on the other hand, was doing everything possible to not make a ¨disgusted¨ face in front of the family! haha. Oh man, the fun things that one has to endure on the mission. It wasn't too disgusting...I just felt uncomfortable as it was looking at me the whole time I was eating it. 
This week we also had our Mission Leadership Council and it was the best!! We get to learn so much from President Archibald and talk about what we can do as leaders in the mission to help the missionaries do this work in the most efficient and correct way possible. It is just a room full of the Spirit and I feel so blessed to be a part of it. I am glad I can help this mission in any way possible. Today we have transfers and I will find out what happens a little bit later, but I am so grateful for this time I have had to serve as Sister Training Leader. I have learned so much from the other Hermana's...and so much about myself. It is such a joy to be able to serve others. I have gained such a strong testimony that when we are in the service of others we are in the service of God! I have loved to be able to help and serve the mission Peru Lima Oeste :) I got to see Hermana Brown as well so that was awesome. :) 
This week was a WEIRD week weather-wise. IT RAINED IN LIMA! The first time in YEARS and the first time since I have been here. That is something I have been missing a lot is the rain. AND IT RAINED! It was so awesome :) That made me pretty happy this week :)

Also, Hermana Juana and her daughters are raising chickens to eat next Christmas :) So we get to play with them sometimes...it's great!! :)

Alright well that's all for this week :) I am loving the mission! All of the spiritual experiences mixed with the fun, crazy experiences, is turning into something that I am never ever ever going to forget :) I am grateful for the opportunity the Lord has given me to be able to serve Him. Love you all! Have a great week!

Hermana Agle

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