Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Springtime in Provo - Week Two

This week at the MTC has been so much better! I am getting into the groove of things and I am learning SO MUCH here! My testimony of the gospel and of missionary work grows stronger and stronger everyday! I am learning to love it here even though I miss everyone back home too! Finals just ended at BYU so all of the teachers here are leaving. I'm lucky though because I have three teachers right now and all of them are staying. Except one of them, Hermana Voguler (the boss of all the teachers) leaves May 9th to teach in the Mexico MTC! So cool! That's only 12 days before I leave here though so that will be ok :) 

Everyone in my district loves me because I've gotten lots of treats delivered! Jill sends me food and Cameron sent me a big box of cupcakes! It was so nice! And this week, Dave Pearson sent me chocolate covered cinnamon bears! Tell everyone thank you so much and I really appreciate it! Letters are so great too. I look forward to getting Dad's letters everyday! I also got my Hymn book from Ty and a letter from him. Miss you Ty, and thanks for honoring me with your first ever missionary letter ;) 

I'm glad you are doing better mom! I pray for you everyday to get better and I'm glad dad is getting back into the swing of things with work. He really helped a lot while you were sick and I'm sure he can't wait to get back to work!! 

So this week in the MTC I have really been focusing on my teaching skills. I am pretty good with my Spanish so I am focusing more on the teaching aspect of missionary work, and learning to recognize and teach with the Spirit. It has been kind of hard the first couple of weeks to do that because of the language barrier, but Hermana Brown and I prayed that we would be able to teach with the spirit. We tried something new with our new investigator Monica (she is a piece of work...so funny!). We went into the lesson with absolutely no lesson plan at all and we were going to just listen to what Monica had to say and questions she had and answer them to our best ability through the spirit. Let me tell you, it was the best lessons we have ever had! Afterward we had a little party in the hall and got a bunch of high fives from other Elders and Sisters. It was AWESOME! She learned so much and we all felt the spirit so strong! It was only our second lesson with her and she was excited to pray about the gospel and figure out if it was true. We talked a lot about revelation and about how, if you really want to know if the gospel is the true gospel of Christ, you need to pray with a sincere heart and real intent and Heavenly Father will answer you. Monica is Catholic so she thought that was pretty cool! I was so hyped after that lesson and I just wanted to share the gospel with everyone!  I have a very strong testimony of missionary work and I am learning more and more everyday!  

So, things are going great! I am missing everyone back home a lot, but I know this is where I am supposed to be :) It's amazing how much I have learned in two short weeks (it feels like an eternity haha). Tell Tyler and Avery and Emily and Josh I love them and that I know that this church is the true church and that families can be together forever! Tell the Hegerhorsts and Grandma and the Agle's and the Birrell's that I miss them all so much and I love knowing that I have their support! Thanks for being such awesome examples to me!
Mom, tell Ali to send me pictures from prom and Tell her that "sausage" is in the MTC with me! She'll understand what I mean ;) Love you all! Keep writing, I love hearing from you! Also, it would be great it you could send some more of those Target footy socks and some lotion! Avery will know what I am talking about. Even in the MTC you get a lot of blisters! Alright I love you all!

Hermana Agle

The District

Such a BEAUTIFUL Spring day!

Hermana Brown, Hermana Agle and their investigator Luz

Cami's view from her room....I love to see the Temple!

Cami ran into Jessica Howell at the Provo Temple

Monday, April 22, 2013

Cami's First Letter!

Hola Familia!!

So, there is literally so much to write and not enough time to write it. Thursday's are my P-Day so that's why it has taken so long to get to you! 

So how is it going?? How are you feeling mom? I heard Dad and Avery and Josh went to the hockey game in Pittsburgh! That's so cool! Who won??? I have been getting Dad's letters. Although it takes about four days for them to get here, so I get some of them on the same day. But I love those daily letters. I look forward to them everyday all day! 

So my district is really amazing. Mi companera is Haley Brown! The girl that mom found on the internet! She is the sweetest girl ever! Also in my district is Hermana Winters (One of Ali's good friends!) and Hermana Bills! The four of us have so much fun together. They are awesome. The first couple of days here for me were really difficult. I was pretty homesick and I had a pretty hard time. But as I got to know my district and the Hermanas in my district I know that I have been so blessed! I really think I would have come home the first couple of days if I didn't have them!!!! It was hard let me tell you. But I got letters from Bishop Gentile, Jordan Berrey, the Birrells, my friends from BYU, and my favorite ones, Dad's letters! You don't know how important getting mail is until you are completely disconnected from the world! I also got Grandma Agle's cookies and my district LOVED them. They want me to thank her for them :)

So life here in the MTC (in 20 minutes). I am getting used to getting up at 6:30. It is not as hard anymore. Then we basically just study all day and have class. My teacher is Hermana Voguler, and she is the boss of all the teachers and therefore she is the best. That's what everyone has told us. Also, we have an investigator! Her name is Luz and we have taught her four lessons so far. Want to hear something insane?? I taught a 30 minute lessons COMPLETELY in Spanish on my SECOND day at the MTC. It was the scariest thing! But it went well, and yesterday during our lesson, Hermana Brown and I sang her "Soy un Hijo de Dios" (I am a Child of God) and she started crying and the spirit in the room was SO strong!! At the end of the lesson, we invited her to be baptized and she said YES! It was the greatest feeling of all time! It is amazing how much love you develop for investigators in such a short amount of time. In her prayer after, she prayed for God to help her be prepared for her baptismal date. It was such a cool experience. We get two new investigators this Monday so I am so excited to start teaching them!

My spanish is really good. It's cool because I have totally seen the gift of tongues in my time here. I can understand pretty much 100% of Spanish that is spoken, but talking is a little bit more difficult. They wanted to move me into the intermediate class, but I love my companion and my district so much that I decided to stay in my class. I would have been here for the same amount of time anyway. And Hermana Brown has told me that she has been so blessed to be my companion because we work really well together and we both have our own strengths. She is really good at teaching the gospel and I am really good at spanish. So together, we make a really good team :) I love her! 

Like I said, the first couple of days here were really hard for me. I felt like bursting into tears all day, it was awful! I don't think I have prayed harder in my entire life. But one night I went into the bathroom (we have 6 girls in our tiny little room), and prayed for a very long time that I would have the strength to be able to do this marvelous work and peace with my decision to serve a mission. The next night, at the Tuesday night devotional, Richard G. Scott came (COOL HUH?) and talked to us about communicaton with the Lord and how our prayers will be answered no matter what. It was much better than that but I only have 9 more minutes :) But if there is any way for you guys to look it up and watch it, you should! It was the most meaningful talk I have ever heard. At the end of it, he gave all of the missionaries an Apostolic Blessing. My Branch President said that that has only happened 6 times in MTC history. That was pretty amazing. The spirit was so strong, and ever since then, I have felt so so happy with my decision to serve a mission and I know that I will be blessed in the future for doing so. That, and it is the greatest opportunity of all time!!!

Well I love you all very much. I am so grateful for this opportunity I have to serve a mission. I can't wait to get to Peru and help the people come unto Christ. I know that he is our Savior and that if we live our lives like He did, then we will be able to return to our Father in Heaven again. Thanks for being the best family ever. Josh, Emily, Avery, and Tyler, I love you guys all so much and I already can't wait to see you guys on October 10, 2014 (my release date)!! I know this church is true con todo mi corazon! And I love teaching and spreading this gospel to people that are ready to hear it. I love you all so much!!

Here's a Chapter that I read this week that was so amazing for me to read! 2 Nephi 31! SO GOOD.


Hermana Agle

P.S.  the MTC is literally a jail. What's the difference between the MTC and jail? People in jail get visitors.