Monday, February 3, 2014


Pankekes...This is me teaching our investigators how to make pancakes...they are quite the phenomenon here!

This week has been kind of crazy...Lots of things happened! We had transfers on Tuesday and I am still here in Los Olivos with Hermana Lopez and I am SO excited about that!! As sister training leaders, 2 zones were added to our area. So we now have 6 additional sisters...34 sisters TOTAL to take care of!! So crazy! So we have started the transfer with lots of calls to the sisters to see how they are doing. Lots of sisters are opening new areas and training so we have been calling to see how they are doing. Among them is Hermana Jones! She got transferred to Puente Piedra and is training again!! I now have 2 granddaughters. I feel like an old missionary!! I am so excited for her, though! She is such a great missionary and trainer :) So...Hermana Lopez and I are excited to keep the work up and continue helping the Hermana's in the mission. 

Hermana Lopez and I also moved this week! Our apartment was pretty expensive and our pensionista had an extra room to rent in her house...So we moved there! It is great because it is more central to our area, closer to the chapel and we just have to walk down the stairs to eat every day :) The apartment is great and comfortable :) The only down side is that now everyone knows where we live and we have very late night visits sometimes with our investigators...yelling for us to come out and talk :) But we explained to them that we cannot be out late... and hopefully we won't have too many late visits :)

Here in Peru in February, they have something called the ¨Carnivales¨. February is HOT here in Peru. Really hot. So, the solution is that everyone, and I mean everyone, walks around with buckets of water and water guns getting everyone soaking wet. Through the WHOLE month...and it started this week! So my companion and I, as we proselyte, have to hide walking from house to house so we don't get soaking wet. People think it is funnier too that we are missionaries so we are like a target for them!!  I got hit pretty good yesterday... So February is going to be fun :) I think I am going to have to wrap all of my scriptures in plastic bags :)

Thank you for all of the support and prayers :) I love you all! My testimony has really grown so much on my mission. I know this church is true. I know that God lives and loves us very much. I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet and the Book of Mormon is SO true. I love the Book of Mormon. If you haven't read it, or if you are not reading it right now, you should start :) It is an amazing volume of scripture. I am so blessed to be here in Peru blessing the lives of others :)

Con mucho cariƱo,
Hermana Agle

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