Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ciao Lima

Well, this missionary is no longer in Lima!! I am serving in Barranca Peru with my new companion Hermana Leyva!! I couldn't have been more excited in transfers when they said I was going to Barranca with Hermana Leyva! She is SO awesome. She is from Trujillo, Peru and she studied at BYU for 3 years! Barranca is about 4 hours north of Lima and my area is PURE BEACH. It is the BEST. For example, we have an investigator who lies on this super green hill that overlooks the ocean and as we teach her we sit on the hill and she feeds us sugar canes that she growns herself...goodbye dust, dirt and dogs...hello paradise! Haha...I love it here!! I am serving in Hermana Brown's old area so that's cool too :) My area is called Limoncillo. It is a small branch...not a ward, and the Branch President is so awesome. He is a fisherman and is very, very humble. Hermana Leyva and I are Sister Training Leaders here in Norte Chico. The mission is split into 2 parts: Lima and Norte Chico. So now I am over the sister's here in Norte Chico! Which means I get to travel to Huaraz, Huaco and Huaral! Huaraz is about 4 hours from Barranca so we are going to be doing a LOT of traveling! But I am excited to get to know Peru a little bit more :) For example, tomorrow we have a leadership training from Elder Waddell (AHH) so Hermana Leyva and I, with our zone leaders, are heading back down to Lima tonight for the training tomorrow. Lots of traveling but it will be cool! Hermana Jones is a Sister Training Leader as well!! I am so excited for her! These next few transfers are going to be awesome!!

So, this next Saturday we have 3 baptisms here in Barranca! There is a woman named Edith, and her son, that have been coming to church and are SO excited to get baptized! We met them, set a baptismal date, they accepted, and we are really excited for them. Edith is awesome. She called us yesterday and told us how much she liked church that day and how her kids had finally fallen asleep and she called us to tell us she was reading her Book of Mormon :) She has 3 kids and her little two year old is the cutest! She has down syndrome and just smiles all day long. She is to die for! We love teaching them and are excited for their baptism this Saturday.

Gloria is also getting baptized this Saturday! She is a part-member investigator. She is 10 and excited for her baptism as well. She hadn't gotten baptized in the past because she wasn't sure if she should be Mormon or Catholic. So we invited her to pray and find out from God which one she should be. When we went back the next day, she said, ¨I have gotten my answer from God! And it starts with ¨M¨¨!! So...she is getting baptized Saturday, as well. Mom...she LOVES the CTR ring I gave her! Thank you for sending me those!!

Well, I am so excited to be here with Hermana Leyva! We work really well together and I am excited to learn everything I can from her :) I am happy that I will be able to see her at BYU after the mission :) We already decided that we are going to have ¨Peruvian food Thursday's¨ and we are going to cook together after the mission. I am very excited :) Hermana Leyva and I are here in Limoncillo to baptize families. I have been studying the doctrine of family a lot more deeply since I've gotten here in Barranca and I am ready to help families be ETERNAL families. So that's what we have been doing. Contacting families like LOCAS. I know that the gospel brings happiness to families. I have seen it in my family. Being in Peru, I have realized how much sadness and how Satan can influence families so much. But the solution to this is the gospel. I am excited to bring this gospel into the homes of the families here in Barranca. To help them receive the ordinances necessary to be an eternal family. I know that families can be together forever if they are based on the principles of the gospel. I love being able to be a missionary and share my testimony with the people here in Barranca. I am going to miss Lima, and Los Olivos and Hermana Lopez A LOT. But I am excited to be here in Barranca and work harder than I ever have for the last 6 months of my mission. This gospel is true. God and Jesus Christ live. They love us and desire our happiness. Keep pushing along in the gospel and working hard to keep the commandments. LOVE YOU ALL!

Hermana Agle
The mark Los Olivos left on me!!

Hermana Jones and her 2 trainees

My favorite meal here...Pachamanca (before & after)

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