Tuesday, August 27, 2013

No Time to Write this week

Peruvian dance festival! Jose and Kervin...both new converts!

Wow! Tell Emily good luck in her first week of high school! She'll do great! Just tell her to make sure to study hard! AB will teach her a lot. Because of AB, I didn't struggle learning Spanish and I can't tell you how grateful I am for that! She'll do great :) And tell Joshie boy that he will do absolutely great with Mrs. Crockett. She is the sweetest! I don't have any time today but I love you guys! I hope you enjoy your last couple days of summer and labor day weekend! Thanks for everything you do for me :) I miss you guys a lot! It's crazy to think it has almost been 5 months! José was baptized this Saturday :) Tell Hermana Ward I love her and I miss her!! 

Con todo mi corazón,
Hermana Agle
Jose's Baptism! President Archibald came! I look like a mess because Satan works HARD to stop these baptisms!
Woohoo...finally an Alpaca picture!

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