Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Kervin's Baptism...WOW!

 Hey Mom and Dad!

So, this week is cambios(transfers). My companion extended her mission, but is leaving the area and I will be here with a new companion! I am a little nervous but really really excited too! It will be cool to work with someone new and learn with someone new. Our new Mission President is...brilliant. Like the smartest man I've ever met! He has this formula for how we are going to double the amount of success we are having...and I really think it's going to work.  He has all the missionaries super pumped up! He's great! I had my interview with him and he just gave me advice the whole time on how I can have baptisms every week of my mission. He is great!

This week was Kervin's baptism! It was INSANE. So, we had a missionary work activity with out ward at 5:00pm and Kervin's baptism right after the activity at 8:00pm. But, at about 7:30...during the activity, a brother came up to us and told us that the water in the font was draining and there was no more water in the church building to fill it back up! Hearing that was like hearing that the Titanic was sinking...It was so stressful!! So, we quickly grabbed Kervin, had him change in like 2 minutes, gathered everyone from the activity into the baptismal font room, snapped a picture real fast...his Mom showed up JUST in time (Miracle!), and he was baptized right then and there!  He was barely able to get his whole body under the water! Oh my goodness it was so stressful! During all this may-hem I kept going over to the font just watching the water slowly drain...I was so stressed!! Kervin and his Dad are pretty chubby guys and they always make fat jokes to each other and totally tease each other. One of the times I walked over to the font, I went with Julio(Kervin's dad), and I was like "It's going down fast" and he said, "Ehhh don't worry, right when Kervin gets in the water it will just rise back up to the top again". Hahaha!! They crack me up. Teaching fasting to them was a riot :) !! I was so grateful that he was able to be baptized and confirmed! His mom came to the confirmation and was crying during the song "I Know That My Redeemer Lives". We are going to continue to work with his parents so they can get married and get baptized! Julio really wants to get baptized! One of my favorite parts of the whole night was when Kervin got up at the end to bear his testimony and he said, "I'm excited to serve a mission so that I can help other people the way the Hermana's helped me". I know that I am supposed to be here and hearing that just made it so much clearer to me as to why I am here :) I know this gospel is true!! With all my heart! Keep on enduring to the end! 

 Hermana Agle
Kervin is a great kid!!

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