Monday, January 13, 2014

Trials Bring Forth Blessings

Hey familia!

So this week has been a pretty rough week. My health is not very great!! I went to the doctor on Tuesday and he said my problem was very serious(Cami has been suffering severe stomach problems for several weeks...she even passed out one morning on her way to pick-up some medicine), so I had to be hospitalized... and I was in the hospital for 3 days. It was awful!! Being in a bed, all day, for 3 days as a missionary is the worst thing EVER. It was really hard...I was so impatient! I just wanted to get out!! And after I got out, I still had some problems and I went back for my appointment this morning and the doctor gave me various medicines that I have to take for 6 months! And a VERY strict diet. Very strict. I think I might be gluten intolerant to be honest, because my diet is that I can't eat flour. At all!! And Peru is the capital of food made with flour, haha, so we will see how that goes. But yeah. It has been a crazy week! I have lost a lot of weight as well. Remember how I was complaining at Christmas that I was getting fat?? Not anymore. I have lost a lot of weight. So I guess that is a plus right?  Mom always says "things are what you make of them", so I am trying to find the good in this :) 

Here is the email I sent to President Archibald this week:

Hermana Lopez and I have had a rough week. Lots of hospitals, appointments, being sick, and lots of emotions. But this week has been a learning experience. Being in the hospital was really difficult for me... And for my companion as well. We did not like leaving our area without anyone at ALL. I just wanted to get out so bad. Being in a bed all day as a missionary is not fun at all. So I was struggling. Along with Hermana Lopez. On Saturday night I was talking to Elder Herrera (after our baptismal date had fallen through) and I was pretty depressed. Not a lot of good things happened in our area as a result of me being in the hospital, and I still wasn't feeling 100 percent better, so I was kind of at a low point. But Elder Herrera was able to help me with a couple of scriptures and reassured me that the Lord was still working with us as missionaries and He was going to bless us. And the next day, President, we saw miracles. Last night we taught a family with about 20 people present. It felt like a fireside! And 11 people came to church and so many just appeared that are ready to be baptized. All we need to do now is set a date for them and help them get to that point. This week was hard and I was feeling pretty alone to be honest. But the Lord works great miracles and he is always there to help us. Times of tribulation are awesome because you can learn and grow so much from them. And the miracles that come after are even cooler :) I am so grateful for this week I have had. I have seen the hand of the Lord in this work and I now know that while I was in the hospital, my area was not left alone, the Lord was preparing people for us to teach just waiting for our return. This work is true and the Lord is with us every step of the way. Starting my mission I always said, ¨I don't want to be in a trio companionship...that would be so hard!¨ But I realized that I am already in a trio companionship...with the Lord as the third companion! Without his help, my 2nd companion, I cant do this work!!  I have learned a lot this week, President, and I'm so grateful for it!! 

Oh! Also, my nurse, his name was Wilber... And the hospital I was in, is like 30 minutes
from my house right? Well, Wilber lives in my area!! I was like NO WAY! And guess what's even cooler? HE CAME TO CHURCH THIS WEEK! Ahhhh I was so excited!!! There was definitely a reason that I was in the hospital when I was. Wilber now has the chance to hear and accept the gospel :) That was so sweet. I was able to teach him some lessons while I was in the hospital...while he was poking me with needles and taking my blood and stuff :) I am excited to continue teaching Wilber :) 

Alright, well I hope all is well at home! I love you all, I love everyone in the ward, and thank you for supporting the missionary work. I am so excited that you are working with a recent convert in your calling, Dad. That is so cool!! That means the missionaries in the ward are doing a GREAT job :) Always be there for him and help him continue to learn the lessons. The members are supposed to teach the lessons again to the recent converts so something you could do is go over to his house on Saturday (before your lesson on Sunday) and go over the lesson you are going to teach together. So you teach him the lesson first, and then after, plan the lesson together for the kids. That way, he is receiving the lessons again from a member, and you are doing your calling together as a team. And the missionary work in the Littleton ward moves along. The missionaries will really really appreciate it, and so will the convert. Just always be there for him, helping him along :) Thanks for being so great, and keep up the missionary work always! I love you all!! 

Con MUCHO cariño y amor,
Hermana Agle 

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  1. Oh, man I hope Cami gets to feeling better! That is NOT fun for anyone!