Monday, January 20, 2014

Keep The Faith

Water balloon fight for P-day!  We Love our Red-Sox shirts!
Hey Everyone!

Sooo this week has been interesting. I will start with my health. I'm healthy! No need to worry about me, I am doing just fine...following a very strict diet, and taking my medicine...But I am just fine :) I'm just so happy to be out working again :) No need to worry about me :) The Lord has blessed me a LOT with respect to my health these past couple weeks. 

I have learned a TON about faith this week. I have learned that during hard times in life is when we need to have the most faith. Not just when all is good and happy, but when we are struggling and need God's help the most. It is like the story...when Peter stepped off the ship and started walking towards Jesus. He had so much faith when he kept his eyes on Christ. But when he looked around and saw the waves and the storms, he started to lose faith and shrink. And that is when Christ grabbed his hand and pulled him back up. When winds and storms come into our lives, we can't lose faith or we will shrink. Christ will always ALWAYS be there for us to pull us back up, but when we are going through a hard time, we always needs to keep our eyes on Christ. Keep the faith and know that your trials are something to learn from, and you are going through them for a reason. It is as if Heavenly Father is saying to you, ¨I am trying to teach you something¨. That is how I have felt this week and I definitely learned something from it. Always keep faith in Christ. ALways! 

We have 4 possible baptisms for this Saturday! Yamile, Gelen, Angie and Ganpierre. All four want to get baptized, but their parents think it is too fast...which is a bummer because they have been coming to church for over a month! We have to work HARD this week so that they both can get baptized. My companion told me that ¨I have a way with the parents¨ so hopefully we can talk to them and help them realize what a blessing this will be in their lives :) They(the parents) too want to get baptized, but they are not married :( So we are working on that as well! Please pray for my investigators this week! We need all the help we can get! :) 

Some funny things happened this week:

In sacrament meeting a little girl got up to bear her testimony and she says, ¨I know that Christ does NOT live. I don't know what you are all talking about but he does not live. He is in heaven¨ 

We were teaching a lesson to a family in the street and their little boy was playing kind of far away. We closed our eyes and folded our arms to say the pray and the dad was going to say the prayer for the first time. As we were praying, the little boy, named Christiam, yells at us, ¨WAKE UP! WHY ARE YOU ALL SLEEPING??" Haha, kind of killed the Spirit, but it was dang funny :)

A doctor asked Hermana Lopez and I if we were related... ---___--- (See above photo...haha!!)

Thanks for all your love and support! I love you all! I can't believe David Pierce is already finished with his mission! Time flies, huh? Tell him I say hi! And everyone else!

Con mucho cariño,
Hermana Agle

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