Tuesday, January 7, 2014


We had our mission Christmas party, and it was so much fun! Santa showed up :) We had gift exchanges,  delicious American food (thanks to Hermana Archibald...wife of the mission president), and played lots of games.  We had an incredible devotional to round out the night.  I am so grateful that I could spend this Christmas as a missionary, and really feel close to the Savior. Before my mission, I really didn't know why Heavenly Father wanted me to serve a mission...I just knew I had to go! But now I know that I was sent on my mission to get to know MY Savior.  I am so grateful for this gospel, and everything we can learn from living it. I know that we are here on this earth for a reason, and I know there is a reason for everything we pass through. I am so grateful for this time I have to get to know my Savior and grow closer to Him. I am so grateful for him, and everything he did for us!!
I Love my companion(Hermana Lopez) so much!!
This week, Eulalia and Renlfo got married! It was such a great day and they were so excited! They also got baptized the following Saturday! It has been a fight to get all of their paperwork ready, but we finally did it...and they were so happy :) Renlfo is blind, and Eulalia can't read...but they are just happy living in the gospel :)

This week I realized yet another time how happy living the gospel makes us. There is a scripture in Doctrine and Covenants 59 verse 23 that says that if we live the gospel we will have two things: Peace in this life, and eternal life in the next life. And I love this scripture! I know that if we live the gospel, we just find so much happiness and peace in our lives. The gospel is what makes us happy. I really saw that this week with Eulalia and Renulfo. They were just beaming all week long and I am so happy they are finally able to live all of the commandments and they could get baptized not to just have peace in this life, but eternal life in the life to come!

Wedding (Cami is just a little taller than everybody...haha)
...and Baptism of Renlfo and Eulalia

...Ok, just got off the phone with President and he called us to congratulate us on our baptisms!! AHHH we are accomplishing our goals! We are so excited!! Thanks for all of your prayers and support back home! :)

For Christmas every year, my ward has a talent show(see below). This year, we acted out a famous Latino TV show called ¨Chavo del 8¨ You should look it up and try to match all the characters! I am the ¨Bruja¨ or witch haha. It was SUPER fun! Everyone loved it and we were able to bring investigators and less actives into it so it was really successful.

I love being a missionary so much!!  Merry Christmas everyone!

Hermana Agle

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