Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It's all about FAMILIES!

(We had a wonderful Skype session with Cami on Christmas Day...if you look really close you can see our entire family in the lower right corner)
This week has been a pretty slow week. We did not have a baptism this week which was a real bummer...but that just means that we worked really hard to set up baptismal dates for these coming weeks!! :) 

Remember Fiorella, Kiara, and Araceli who were baptized the 23rd of November? Well, their mom has a baptismal date for this Saturday!! Their parents have been having a lot of problems and they finally separated. It was really hard and sad to see them go through that, and I know the girls are sad because they love their dad...But it is really for the best. Their dad was not treating his family right...So he left, and after he left, we were able to set up a baptismal date for Juana(their mom). I know that her getting baptized will help the family so much! For this new Year, the mission is really going to focus on families and The Proclamation to the family. So I am really excited to have Juana baptized and start living the gospel with her daughters so they can receive the blessings that they deserve. The gospel really blesses families....I testify of that.  I had a really great lesson yesterday with some recent converts and we taught the Plan of Salvation. With recent converts, because they have the spirit, we get to teach them deeper lessons with lots of scriptures and questions (with investigators, because they dont have the spirit, we teach very simple lessons, enough that the spirit can testify that our words are true).  Teaching the Plan of Salvation in so much depth was SO cool. As I was teaching, I was teaching myself as well! The spirit was so strong and I knew... in that moment... that God created this AMAZING plan for us and gave us everything we need to live the Plan and return to His presence.  And our best tool is our family. I love the quote Mom has up on the wall on the tile that says something along the lines of ¨acheiving happiness in family life is most possible when the family is based off the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ¨. I love that, and it is SO true. I am so grateful for the family I have and the families I am teaching so I can help them base their life off of the Lord Jesus Christ. WE ARE GOING TO BAPTIZE FAMILIES! Get ready to hear about lots of baptisms this year :) 2014 is a big year! :) I invite you all to re-read The Family: A Proclamation to the World in your family home evening, and think about what you can do to help your family base your lives off of Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for the gospel and the happiness we receive from it :) Doctrine and Covenants 59:23 is so true :) Thanks for your support and I love you all! Have a great week!

Tomorrow, all of the leaders of the mission have a big meeting to determine the mission goals of 2014 with Elder Uceda of the Seventy! I am so excited to be able to go and hear the words of Elder Uceda and receive training from him!! I'll let you know how it goes next week! Love you all!!

Con mucho cariƱo,
Hermana Agle

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