Wednesday, November 6, 2013

New Area - New Responsibilities

Wow, it has been a CRAZY weekend. Transfers were this weekend instead of on Tuesday (when they usually are) because President Archibald is going to Cusco this week for a Mission President training. So...I found out on Friday at 2pm that I was getting transferred! Hermana Jones and I were really really sad! I didn't want to leave El Olivar! Also, the Quiroz family baptism was the next day (Saturday) and I was going to miss it!! So, we went home and I called the Bishop and told him I was getting transferred and I started packing. Later that night we had an appointment in the chapel at 7pm...and when we got there...there was a surprise party waiting for me!! The ward rushed, and threw together a party for my birthday because they had been planning for later this month, but I was getting transferred so they did it early!! And everyone was there! The whole ward came and all my converts! It was really really cool! It was also Julio's birthday so we celebrated together :) And I told everyone my brother's birthday was on Monday so we celebrated Joshie's birthday too :) It was really sweet, and I was able to say goodbye to everyone! It was really great!

The next day we got up and went to transfers. Saying goodbye to my pensionista was really really hard :( I am going to miss Hermana Juanita!! I love her! When we got to transfers we found out that Hermana Jones was training! I was so excited for her...She is going to be an AMAZING trainer :)!!  After we found out about Hermana Jones' assignment, I found out I was being transferred to Los Olivos...and that I was being called to be a new Sister Training Leader for the south 1/2 of the mission! My companion is Hermana Lopez, and we are opening the area (it is new to the mission, never has had missionaries before) and we will be working together as Sister Training Leaders. Basically, a STL is a "zone leader" for the Hermanas:)  We get to travel around the mission visiting the Hermanas to train them and stay with them 24 hours to see how their missionary work is doing...which is super cool because I have the opportunity to get to know all the sisters really well!! We will do these visits twice a week. And guess what?? Hermana Brown is a Sister Training Leader as well! She is in the Northern half of the mission(in charge of those Hermanas) and we are in the Southern part of the mission(in charge of these Hermanas)! It was a HUGE transfer!! 

Directly after transfers and training with President and Sister Archibald, I went and asked permission to go back to El Olivar to see the Quiroz families baptism(which was later that day).  I was so excited when he said YES! Hermana Lopez and I moved into our new house (which is awesome!)...and then headed straight to the baptism! The Quiroz family was baptized and it was the greatest baptism ever! Almost the whole ward was there and the Quiroz's were so happy :) President Archibald and his wife were able to make it to the baptism as that was really great! I am so excited for the Quiroz family, and just humbled to have had the opportunity to teach them about this great gospel! We all cried A LOT when we had to say our good-byes!!

Honestly, I love missionary work because I have so many opportunities to serve. For example, last week there was a HUGE fire in my zone. 200 houses burnt down and families were left homeless. We went to clean up and cook food for all the people that had nothing. It was so sad because everyone was just begging us for food and they literally had nothing. But I was happy to be able to go there and serve the people...And with this new calling, I am so excited to serve and try to help the other sisters. Really, I don't feel very capable, but I know with the Lords help I can do it. When I was called, it reminded me of President Hinckley's quote when he said "remember the risk the Lord took on you when He called you".  I am excited to work hard in this new calling and really serve the other Hermanas. Big week, and I am happy! Missionary work is the best :) Thanks for everything! Love you all! :)

Hermana Agle
Hermana Brown, Agle, Winters & Bills - Reunited once again!!

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