Monday, November 25, 2013


This week was pretty great. I had my birthday yesterday and what do Peruvians do on birthdays?? They EAT. Like none other! So I literally ate all day. There was never a time I didn´t have a plate of food or cake in front of me. Peruvians take good care of their cumplaÑeras :) One of the plates I had was guinea pig! My pensionista bought it alive and killed it in her house...then she fed it to us. It was actually REALLY good. But I refused to eat the toenails...haha. Everyone else ate them, though! It was a fun experience :)

This week we had three baptisms!! Three little girls. Fiorella (15), Kiara (8), and Araceli (9) :) They were so happy to be baptized and it was a really awesome baptism. We are working with their parents to get them married so they too can get baptized ASAP.

With the 15 year old, Fiorella, it was difficult to get her baptized: 

This week was a miracle week! Fiorella was baptized this week and that was a miracle! Fiorella has always been a little duro de corazon. She had a lot of doubts about that Book of Mormon. So every time we taught the family she just sat in the corner and listened and never participated. Kiara and Araceli, her sisters, were set to be baptized Saturday, but Fiorella no.  On Thursday night we had our last lesson with the family before the baptism. We started the lesson reading the Book of Mormon all together. The Spirit was really strong while reading and Fiorella was paying more attention than usual. Later on in the lesson, as we were filling out the registro bautismales for Kiara and Araceli, I leaned over to Fiorella and I said, ¨you sure you don't want us to fill one out for you, too?¨...half joking to be honest. And she sat and thought about it for a while, and she said ¨Yes, I want to get baptized this Saturday!¨ I was amazed sitting there thinking how in the world did she just have that change of heart so fast?? And I was thinking about it and I knew it was the power of the Book of Mormon. I knew that she knew that the Book of Mormon was true and after opening her heart a little bit, the Spirit was able to testify to her and she decided to get baptized. I realized how powerful the Book of Mormon is and how important it is to help our investigators gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon...and Fiorella was baptized this Saturday :)


Thanks for all your support! I love you all and I love this work. This gospel is so true. I know the Book of Mormon is true and POWERFUL. In the Book of Mormon we can find many answers to our questions and prayers. I love the Book of Mormon. Keep striving to be like Christ and keep reading your Book of Mormon everyday. Doing each one of those things will help you do the other :) Love you all!!

Hermana Agle
Yeah! She got our Birthday package!!
Birthday Cake made by a amazing!!

1st Guinea Pig meal


Baptism of Fiorella, Kiara, and Araceli
Nobody in Peru knows how to say my name :)

blowing out the candles...
CARLOS made this amazing birthday cake!!

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  1. I know sister Cami Agle!
    She has been for one day in my ward: Villasol.
    She is a great missionary and friend, I've learned a lot from her and sister Winters.
    They are the happiest too. I mentioned her in a post and you can see some pictures in my blog.
    Tell her that I said Hi & Thanks for your advices for my mission in Brasil.
    Everything is gonna be awesomeee!
    - Hugo