Thursday, September 19, 2013

The First Missionary to serve from PERU!

Working on Bro. Rojas house....He was the 1st missionary to serve from Peru!!
Hey Mom!

Everything is going great! We are already in our last week of the transfer! Time has gone by SO fast! I think next transfer Hermana Jones and I will stay together though, and we'll stay here in El Olivar. I have grown to love it here and the people so will be sad to leave when the time comes! Hopefully I still have some time here? President Archibald said he doesn't like change so I think that means we will all stay in our area's for quite a bit. BUT they just opened a new area for sisters up in the mountains (in the mission), so hopefully one day I get to go there :) 

This week we have been preparing two jovencitos(youngsters) named Irán and Cianny for baptism. They were going to get baptized August 24th, but one got the chicken pox, and then the other got the chicken pox, so hopefully by this Saturday, it will clear up and they can get baptized! They are really eager to get baptized so we are very excited for them! We always "help" (do) Irán with her English homework haha and I'm sure she's been getting 100% on all of her homework assignments she's had :) They are two great kids. I have learned a lot from teaching them because these are the first kids that I have ever taught. It's fun to teach kids, I get to draw in the lessons and have some fun with them :) I'm excited for when they are baptized!!

This Sunday was Stake Conference and it was a broadcast throughout all of Lima. It was cool because Elder Bednar and Elder Scott came to Peru to be broadcast, and they gave two GREAT talks. The investigators that were at church got to hear apostles of God speak! That was sweet! We had a mom and a dad of a missionary that is serving in Argentina right now in sacrament meeting with us. Their son is the only member of the church, but the family has started to show more interest in hearing the gospel. They decided to come to church and when the dad, Wilfredo, heard that apostles of God were going to speak, he got really excited and paid really close attention. It was really cool! I'm SO excited for general conference!!! It will be so great to just invite everybody to hear the words of the prophet and apostles. I have been reading and studying the general conference talks from April and those men are really inspired of God. What they have to say comes directly from Heavenly Father, what he wants us to hear at this time. We should probably listen to them ;)

This week we did this sweet service. We went to the house of THE FIRST MISSIONARY FROM PERU! Spencer W. Kimball came to Peru when he was an apostle and asked Brother Rojas (that's his name) why he hadn't served a mission. He told Pres. Kimball it was because his parents were not members and he didn't have any money. So Spencer W. Kimball talked to his dad for 5 minutes and the dad came out and said "son, you're serving a mission" and then paid for the whole thing!  He was the first missionary to serve from Peru :) He is great...SO hilarious and so SMART! Anyway, we cleaned his house which he hadn't cleaned in years! haha. It was nasty but it felt good when we were done :) We all left very satisfied :)

The work is pushing along. We are experiencing trials, but also HAPPINESS. Being a missionary just makes me happy. Seeing the lives of people change is really amazing. It's starting to get hot, so we will be walking through the hot, dusty streets of Peru (and when I am hot I am usually really not so happy :), but I know why I am here and I have seen so many miracles in the work that I am just happy to be here. The Lord needs his missionaries!!  It's SO cool that the Littleton ward is getting sister missionaries!!! Tell the young woman to go out with them a LOT! That is something I wish I would have done! They will see miracles and feel the spirit so strong!! Well, I love you all! Thanks for all of your support! :) The church is true! Keep working on your Christ-like attributes!!

Con todo mi corazón,
Hermana Agle

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