Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Hey Mom!

Oh man, so much has happened in the work this week! We have seen a LOT of miracles!! I LOVE missionary work! Ok, I'm going to tell you a little bit about each investigator :)

Omar-- HE IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS SATURDAY!! Oh my goodness I am so excited!! One thing that is really cool is that my first Sunday here in Peru, Omar showed up to church with his brother who is investigating the church and the next day we had our first ever lesson with him, and now he is getting baptized! When we first started teaching him, he said he never really had a relationship with God but that he wanted to change that. So we started teaching him, and the second visit with him, he had already read up to 2 Nephi 2!! I think my face almost fell off I was smiling so much! He loved the Book of Mormon and he said he knew that it was true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet. Omar knows his Bible really really well, and whenever he comes across a verse in the Bible that he has a question on, he always tries to find the answer in the Book of Mormon. Most people find a controversial verse in the Bible and automatically tell us that we are wrong. But Omar has such a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon, he is always looking for answers there and in the Doctrine and Convenants. For example, we taught Omar that God has a body of flesh and bone. Later on he read in the Bible, John 4:24 and asked us about it. He said he knew that God had a body of flesh and bone because he knew the Book of Mormon was true, but why would the Bible say otherwise? We then taught him about the Doctrine and Covenants and the footnotes in the Bible and he loved it! He is very interested in Doctrine and Covenants now :) Oh man, he is going to be a great member of the church :) Such a strong testimony and so willing to live the commandments :)

Andru-- Andru is 17 and we found him while teaching his mom! We taught him the Book of Mormon and he said that he always had questions about religion in his life and that he was hoping to find the answers in the Book of Mormon. So he is reading, and he came to church yesterday, and loved our Gospel Principles class! It was on baptism! We have another lesson with him tomorrow and I am so excited to see what he thinks! He is so great! So willing to learn and he really wants to strengthen his relationship with God. Such a good guy!

Hilda-- Hilda is getting baptized August 3rd! The missionaries have been teaching her for a long time and she has finally decided to be baptized!! That will be so amazing :)

Mauro--Mauro has a lot of BRILLIANT questions...really deep questions that are really hard to answer. Like, "If we are supposed to follow the example of Jesus Christ, then why do we get married and have families, because Christ didn't?" Hermana Muñoz and Mauro get into really deep conversataions like that, and I never understand because they talk really fast in Spanish. But, Mauro has received an answer that this gospel is true, he just hasn't realized it yet :) I love our lessons with Mauro, they make my personal studies the next day really really interesting :) 

Delia-- Delia was a reference from the Patriarch and he comes with us to teach her! She is so cute, she feeds us every time we visit her :) She doesn't know much about religion and everytime we teach her something her face lights up and she says, "This is something new for me!" She is great :) We love teaching her, and she is learning so much! I love sharing this knowledge with her because she lives alone, all of her family has passed away, and one day she wants to do the work for her family members in the temple :)

There are more, but not enough time to write about them!! Basically, we are seeing miracles every single day and the work is moving along. We work a lot with the members, and that helps us a TON! Never be afraid to help the missionaries! Go out with them, give them references, and love them! They really need the members help!

There was an earthquake in Peru this week! Our building (5 stories) was swaying back and forth! So scary but so cool!! 

I hope everyone is continuing to develop their Christ-like attributes! Love you all and thanks for the support!!

Hermana Agle

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