Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Hey Mom!

I am so glad you guys are having fun in Utah! To be honest, I am kind of  jealous! I miss everyone in Utah so much!! But things are great here in Peru. You're right, Ave and I are in totally opposite places right now!! We are teaching a 12 year old girl who is being baptized the 20th of July and she lives with her Mom and baby cousin in a one room cement house. It is about half the size of my room in Boston. So so sad! I got Becky's letters that she sent to the MTC. She sent the DEARELDERS directly here on accident, haha, but that is OK because it was nice to have letters waiting here for me when I got here :) Tell her I love her and miss her and thanks for the letter!! 

Being here is so humbling! For example, last Monday my zone went to play soccer together and when we got there, school was getting out and all of the little kids ran over to the field. When they found out I was from the United States they FREAKED out. I signed all of their shirts, backpacks, and a little 5 year old boy kept petting my skin and saying "I love the color of your skin". One of the little girls asked me if I thought she was ugly :( (I said yes at first because I didn't understand her Spanish...but then corrected myself haha). Oh man, it was so sad! The people here just idolize America and are so fascinated with it. It is really humbling. I now realize how blessed I am to have everything that I have, but I am so glad to be here teaching the gospel because I have seen it bring so much happiness into people's homes. The knowledge of this gospel brings hope to these people and I am so lucky to be the person giving them the good news of the restored gospel on the earth! I love being a missionary here :)

This week we had some pretty NASTY experiences with food. We ate at a members house and lets just say it was NASTYYYY. She has rabbits hopping all around her house that she just picks up and cooks when she feels like all my food had rabbit hair all over it.  She gave me a chicken leg, which I was like "thank goodness, just chicken"... at first, but as I started eating it, I realized the testicle was still attached. Oh man, I really died. Like I got light-headed haha!! And here, there is this plate called "papas con huancaina" and after our main meal she gave us a WHOLE plate of it. My companion is amazing and while she left the room my companion scarfed down all my food because she knew I couldn't eat it. She is great. Also, half way through the meal, a cat jumped from the ceiling onto the table. Haha!! Oh man, this lunch was CRAZY!

Everyone here thinks I am blonde! What the heck! I am blancita and rubia. (white and blonde). I was so confused at first but my companion explained to me that everyone here thinks North Americans are blonde. So weird! 

My new attribute for the month of July is Obedience!! The scriptures for obedience in Preach My Gospel are amazing!! I am so excited to work on developing this attribute this month! I hope everyone is doing this with me!! It has really made a positive impact on my missionary work. Everyone remember that members are the best missionaries! Seriously, we can't do this work without the members!! Everyone deserves to hear this gospel, so share it! Don't be afraid! You'll be so happy once you have done it :) I love you all!! Thanks for all of the support!

I know this church is so true! I am so grateful to be here in Peru sharing the gospel because it has brought me so much happiness and I want everyone here to experience this happiness as well! I love being a missionary. It is hard, but SO worth it. I am learning so much! Love you all!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Agle

P.S.  Tell Grandma DeeAnn that I love and miss her, too!! So much! Our new mission president just arrived here, I am so excited to meet him! Also, the 100th stake was just created in Peru this week and Elder Christofferson came to speak! Only the Peruvian missionaries got to go, though, because it was far away. BUT SO COOL! The work is progressing :) Tell everyone I love them!

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