Monday, May 20, 2013


Hey Mom!
I can't believe I missed Emily giving you your Mother's Day present! That sounds SO awesome! She is always so creative. I hope you took pictures? 

I can't BELIEVE Austin is going to Pittsburgh on his mission! That is so awesome and hilarious haha! Was he excited? What does he think? The little punk didn't email me about his call...I sent an email to Austin, Ian and Ali, but no one responded! I don't know if they didn't get it, or what but tell Ali I want to hear from her! I saw BJ Eldredge in the MTC on Wednesday and he said he had been with Ali the night before, and it made me sad! I miss her a lot! I can't believe Meg and Mikey are engaged! Crazy crazy! Tell them congratulations for me! That's awesome! Also, tell Emily congratulations on her recital! I'm sure she did a great job! It was SO great hearing you guys last night on the phone...Joshie sounded older! 

I really hope you had a good mother's day! I was thinking of you all day! I read about the stripling warriors and about how they were so strong because of their mothers. They say that their testmonies are strong because they never doubted the testimonies of their mothers. That is totally how I feel about you mom! I'm so glad I had your strong testimony through out my life to keep me strong in the church. My patriarchal blessing talks about me following the example of my parents and I am so happy to do that because of the example you have set for me! Thanks again for everything you have done for me! You are the best! 

We had the opportunity to hear from Elder Nelson this week! It was amazing! The spirit is always SO strong when we hear from the General Authorities! When they drive away, we get to stand on the curb and wave goodbye to them! It is pretty cool to be here and be able to hear from them! I love the spirit that they bring. I can feel it throughout my week! 

How are you feeling mom? I had so many friends email me this week and tell me they put your name on the prayer roll in the temple. I thought that was really cool :) I hope you are progressing and getting better! My companion and I pray for you every day! I think it is so cool that Dad is going to be working at the temple! I have grown to LOVE the temple! It is an amazing place! 

Ok, so this whole re-assignment deal! I was pretty frustrated at first. We went into the travel office on Wednesday expecting to get our re-assignments. The woman behind the desk called Hermana Bills, Winters, and Brown up and said "Your visas have been processed, and you are going to Peru next week!" That was SO exciting for them! But I was like "hmmmm...ok so where is my re-assignment?" I wasn't called up to the desk, so I went up to ask, and she said, "We re-assign 100 missionaries per week. You are number 101. You are #1 on the list for a re-assignment next week." So then it hit me that I was going to be here a whole extra week by myself! (Our Elders got re-assigned to Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Washington State). I was really bummed. I have been the one who wanted to get out into the field the most! So all afternoon I was kind of sad and just wondered why I was the one who had to endure another week here all alone. But then I was reading in Preach my Gospel and I came along pg. 133 (In Spanish) which is the lesson on the attributes of Christ. At the beginning of my MTC experience, I decided I would work on one attribute per month and really focus on that attribute, and pray for help to have that attribute. And ironically, guess which attribute I chose this month? yup. Patience. I've been praying for patience a lot this past month and now I am really going to have the opportunity to develop it! Patience is something I have struggled with a lot in MY life. You've always said to me "Just be patient!"...with; siblings, school, gymnastics, and everything! So I decided it would be a great attribute to work on. Yup...Heavenly Father has a sense of humor. Throughout the day I started to realize that for some reason, Heavenly Father needs me here for one more week? I don't know why, but I need to be here. One of the most frustrating things for me was that my Spanish has progressed about as far as it can here, and I feel like for it to progress any further, I need to get into the mission field and speak it all the time. I was frustrated that I was the one who had to stay, but I figure I can help the missionaries in the district below me with their Spanish. My teacher said to me, "Maybe you're trainer isn't ready for you yet."? I know there are so many reasons why I am being held here for a little bit longer. So, I'm happy that I have the opportunity to learn here a little bit more! I'm happy to go wherever the Lord wants me to go! I'll let you all know my reassignment next week! 

Well, I love you all and I can't wait to call you next week! It will probably be Thursday around 7pm Boston time! Love you! 

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Agle
Beach Volleyball

Elder Hansen...a good friend from BYU

My District....I'm going to miss everyone so much!!

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