Monday, May 6, 2013

Packages, Packages, Packages....THANK YOU!

Hi Mom!
I cant believe it is already half way over! Time has gone by fast, but slow as well. I told Avery in a letter, days are like weeks and weeks are like days. Time is so weird here. My district has been the youngest in the zone for three weeks now and the one zone older than us leaves this Monday. We just got a new district this Wednesday so we are going from youngest for three weeks to the oldest for three weeks! Big change! Its weird having a new district because I am so used to our little zone. We made it into the beach volleyball tournament during gym time and it is so fun! It will be really sad saying goodbye to them this Monday, and it will be weird being the old district in the zone! Its May now, though, so there will be LOTS of people coming in here shortly. Our schedules have been changed because of all the incoming P-day is now on Fridays!

I've been getting Dad's packages. The one of the carrots and apples cracked me up. Oh and my zone LOVED your ranger cookies, mom! They called them cookies from heaven. Here are answers to some of Dads questions:

1) Yes, seeing Jess Howell was a coincidence.
2) I don't know my President's first name.
3) I play volleyball during gym
4) I have three teachers. Hermano Wadsworth (I LOVE HIM...he's an amazing teacher) and Hermana Williams. They both served in California. Hermana Vogueler was also our teacher but she leaves for Mexico next week.

5) Our investigators here are teachers that are acting as people that they encountered on their missions. They are really good actors, let me tell you!! 
I haven't heard anything about my visa. The sisters in my zone that are leaving this week all got reassigned because their Argentina visas didn't come. One is going to Portland and the other, Tempe, AZ. Pretty cool! I would be totally fine with getting re-assigned. But who knows! I'm just here following the Lord's will whatever or wherever that is!

I think I've gotten three packages a day for the past week. It has been crazy! Please please please tell the Gold's, the Laurel's, the Birrell's, Ali and Becky, and the Pierces thank you thank you thank you! Everything was SO great! Getting packages is the best thing ever! Dad writes me everyday and I LOVE IT!

So I had a cool experience this week! My teacher Hermana Williams really wanted to teach us how to teach by the Spirit. I've learned a lot about teaching by the Spirit.  We all picked a scripture that we thought she needed to hear and taught it to her in ENGLISH (that was a HUGE gift). We taught in English because she really wanted us to focus on the Spirit. So we taught and it was so cool because we all taught with different scriptures, but all of our messages to her were the same! And at the end, she said that a bunch of her prayers were answered through our lessons to her. It was amazing! I taught Alma 26 verses 25-32. Those verses have helped me a LOT lately! It was sweet. Also, in TRC (where we teach volunteer members who come in) I taught this older man and I was kind of bummed because my lesson was geared toward younger people. But we taught it anyway and after the lesson he went up to my teacher and asked, "who planned that lesson?" And she said "they did". And he said, "I've been coming to TRC for 20 years and that was the best lesson I have ever had. They answered my prayers." and he started crying! It was the coolest thing! I have learned that while I am teaching, I am not ACTUALLY teaching. It is the Spirit that is teaching the investigator and testifying of Christ to them. It is so amazing to see!

So, update on our investigators...Monica is coming to church and reading her scriptures. She has very deep doctrinal questions sometimes that are hard to answer. Her latest one: "Why do there have to be three kingdoms? Why can't there just be a heaven and a hell?" I encourage you all to search the scriptures for that answer! It took us a while but I think we were able to answer her question! She's a tough one, though! Gabriel, our other investigator is a hoot. But he drinks and does a lot of drugs. We taught him about the Word of Wisdom and repentance and he cares so much about his family. I asked him one day if he had been reading his scriptures and he said no. I was so frustrated!! I told him that we can't help him change his life and come closer to Christ if he didn't do his part.  He has read ever since then :) Sometimes it is very necessary to be bold as a missionary! So investigators are doing well and I am learning a lot! I can't wait to teach the people in Peru, though!!

I'm glad things are going well at home and everyone is getting excited for the summer! Tell everyone I say hello! Tell the Young Women to prepare for missions! They are amazing!! I love you all and miss you all so much! Keep working hard and live the gospel! I know that this gospel is true. My testimony grows stronger and stronger everyday and I know that if we live the gospel, we will be so blessed in our lives. Have a great week!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Agle

Taking Tamiflu when a roommate is quarantined with the flu
LOVED the Chips and Salsa...package sent by Becky and Ali

My Zone
My District...LOVE them!

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  1. I sent a package last Friday... I think I don't need to send her anymore. :) She sounds well taken care of!!