Friday, May 3, 2013

Letter to DAD...April 21, 2013


I hope you guys got my email and letter!  I'm just writing this letter to answer some of Dad's questions because he has a LOT!  But that's okay, I love getting his letters!

1) Dad, keep writing in your journal!  I have written in mine every single night and I intend to for the next 18 months (17 1/2 months :)

2) Richard G. Scott came and spoke and today the General YW President spoke in Relief Society...way Cool!

3) Church is great!  A little scary because every week, everyone has to write a talk and they decide who is actually giving the talk when sacrament meeting starts.  Scary!  It's also 100% in espanol!  Today there were only 6 sisters so there was a 1/6 chance I would bet called on(they pick one Elder and one Sister).

4)  I LOVE my district.  4 Hermana's going to Lima West and 3 Elder's going to Argentina Buenos Aires North (they'll get reassigned because all of Argentina is).  We have the smallest district but I love it!  Our zone is only 2 districts and this week 4 of the 10(in the other district) are leaving, and we have no one coming in this week...AKA I'm definitely (probably) going to get called on to speak next Sunday because our zone will only have 13 missionaries!

5) I saw President Brady but didn't say "HI" because I didn't think he would know who I was!

6)  My branch president is President Jolly. 

7) I'm pretty sure I'll get my VISA by my 6 week mark.  The 4 of us Hermana's did a VISA fast :)!!

8) I have received packages from Hannah Early, Grandma, Cameron, the Birrell's, Tyler, the Laurel class...and several others.  PLEASE make sure you tell these people how much I appreciated them!

9)  I JUST heard about the Boston Marathon bombing!  So scary!!  Glad you guys are all safe and well!

10) It is literally a Cascade Elementary reunion here!  I can't tell you how many times I've heard "Cami Agle?!"  You moved away in 4th grade, right?  I even walked into gym one day and a kid yelled(in front of the whole gym class), "Guys, this girl was my first crush in second grade!"  Naturally, my face went bright red!

11)  Mom's blushing genes are going to be the death of me.  Every time I teach an investigator my cheeks are always bright red when I am finished.  My nervousness is so obvious, and my district likes to make fun of me for that!

12)  The MTC was hard in the beginning, because it hit me how long 18 months is!  Especially being away from family.  EVERY single second of EVERY day is planned out, and it is a lot of WORK...but I have grown to LOVE it here!

13) I hope everything is going OK and just know that I miss you guys a lot!  If you get a chance, search Elder Bednar's talk "Character of Christ".  He gave the talk here at the MTC and is should be on Youtube.  BEST talk you'll ever hear!  Also, Mosiah 3:19!  So amazing.  I love this Gospel and my family!  Tell Josh, Em, Ave and Ty I love them!

Love you,
Hermana Agle

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