Tuesday, July 1, 2014

BIG plans in Huaraz this month!!

This week was amazing! We are finding families and the families are coming to church!!! La familia Tafur Leon (Nancy, Karin, Andrea, and Fatima) are all getting baptized the 19th of July. La familia Fernandez Leyva (Gayle, Abelino, and their 11 year old son) will be baptized the 26th of July. La familia Gonzales Dias (Karin and Juan) will be baptized the 26th as well :) And even more came to church! We are so blessed, and have big plans for the Huaraz ward this month of July :)

This week we went to a goodbye party for a girl in our ward who is leaving on her mission. It was all great and fine and dandy until they fed us chicken foot soup! Chicken foot soup is a really popular food here that I have been able to avoid for about 14 months. But, Peru wouldn't let me leave until trying my chicken foot soup. Oh....but it wasn't just a chicken foot, it was a hen foot which is a lot bigger with HUGE toenails...so it was kind of gross!! At least I can now say I've had it, and the soup part was pretty tasty!
We also had a really random rain storm this week. It poured with thunder and lightening and we get SOAKED. It rains a lot here in Huaraz but usually only January through March. So it was way random. Hermana Medina and I were looking for a house when it started and for a whole hour we couldn't find the house and no one would let us in. A woman passed us running to her house and she said ¨get inside, you are going to get sick!!!¨ We were like ¨Well, we would if you would let us in!!¨ Haha, we were a little bitter but it was a good experience :) We had fun. My shoes will be wet for a long time now, though :)
This week it was Andrea Tafur Leons birthday so we went to their house and celebrated with them :) The food and the cake were SUPER yummy :) So this is their family with us and a few friends of Andreas :)

Hermana Leyva also got to come to Huaraz this week(see photo above) to visit Hermana Medina and I!! It was the best :) Hermana Jones came too!!! Man, it was the best to be with them again! :) I love those girls. Your missionary companions really just become your best friends :)

Well, thanks for all your support! The gospel is SO true and I love it! Have a great week!!!

Hermana Agle

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