Monday, June 17, 2013


Hey guys!

I got my VISA this week!!! I found out on Saturday night, and I fly out this Tuesday! Crazy Crazy! I was SO excited to get my VISA! I cried while talking to President on the phone haha but then I got so sad! I love the people here and my companion! Hermana Ward and I get along REALLY well and we have a lot in common. I feel like I've known her for a really long time and we are so sad to leave eachother :( But on the other hand, I'M GOING TO PERU!! It's very bitter-sweet.

So, I got a tick a couple weeks ago and my companion FREAKED out because they make them a huge deal. But I just pulled it out, put it in the freezer and did everything Mom taught me. Then at the next meeting, the President's wife told us exactly how to deal with tick's and it was just that. Haha everyone was like "how did you know what to do with it?!" I guess I'm an New-Englander at heart!! (Brother Nanto will like that I said that :))

Also, there was a HUGE storm warning here. Like President told us to stay inside and get out our food storage and get flashlights ready. was three minutes of rain. Another characteristic of New-England, they freak out over the littlest things! Haha we thought it was funny :) 

We taught 18 lessons this week (not including members and menos activos) so it was a BUSY week! One of my lessons was in English with a woman that is SUPER interested in the church and probably knows more than I do haha. Teaching in English is scary! I appreciate Spanish so much! I love Spanish!! I had to say my goodbyes to all my investigators this week and that was really sad :( I said goodbye to Manuel and Luz and all the cute kids here and my whole little square mile area that I've been walking the past 3 weeks. Everyone here is so nice and so friendly and I've learned so much from them and I'm sad to leave :( But Peru will be great and I can't wait to get there and teach the people I was called to teach :) I love you all and my next letter will be from PERU!!!


Hermana Agle

Hermana Ward's birthday celebration

Cami's friend from BYU...soon to be missionary in Honduras!
Food Storage for the BIG storm!

Teaching Cami's cute handwriting

Getting the CALL that her VISA has been approved!

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  1. So happy to hear that she got her Visa! Finally, the Fab Four will be reunited! I know for a fact, Haley will be so excited to see her! Can't wait to hear all about her adventures in Peru!