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Cami asked me to say "THANK YOU" to everyone who is emailing her and sending her letters and packages.  She doesn't have a lot of time to respond, but wants everyone to know that she appreciates EVERYTHING, and loves each of you!!!  Thank you!!  You can continue to send her letters and packages to:
Hermana Camille Sarah Agle
Washington DC South Mission Office
5242 Lyngate Ct.
Burke, VA 22015


OH man, I've been waiting for the mission field for what seems like an eternity and I'm HERE! AH so crazy! I love it so much! There is so much to write, and so much to say because I have already learned so much here already! I love the people here, the mission, speaking Spanish and teaching the Gospel! It brings me so much happiness!! My trainer is just the cutest thing! She is from Washington State and her name is Hermana Ward. She has been out in the field for 3 months! She just finished training and now she is training me haha, crazy! My area is in Leesburg, VA. We are in the only area in the whole mission that walks/bikes for Sisters. we don't have a car! But, my area is only 4 streets. We can walk the whole length of the mission in about 10 minutes! SO it is really small, but just PACKED with Hispanic people! Mostly El Salvadorians. There are a LOT! It's fun because everyone around here knows who we are, and everyone is just so nice! :) I love it!

So, I'll tell you a little about my investigators :)

Luis- Luis was my first lesson I ever taught out here in DC! A street contact lied about his address and it brought us straight to Luis, who let us in and we've been teaching him ever since! Let me tell you how scared I was. SO scared. But once I got in the lesson and started teaching the Gospel I got so comfortable and it just flowed. I can't understand him very well (just words here and there) but he said my Spanish was good! Usually people just smile at you when you talk to them because they are making fun of your Spanish haha.

Jodi- ohhh Jodi. Haha, she lives in a mobil home and she just travels from parking lot to parking lot. It was funny because we had an appointment with her on Friday morning and we were getting ready to go and Hermana Ward just says, "Alright, lets go find Jodi!". We never know where she is going to be! So we searched every parking lot and she wasn't there. We were doing street contacts instead and lo and behold, while we were talking to someone else, there goes Jodi's mobile home drive on past us! Haha so we went over there and taught her a bit. She speaks English. It's weird because I've never taught in English before! But she is great! Quite a character! 

Manuel de la Cruz- Manuel came to church with us Sunday along with Luz! That was cool! The first time we went to teach Manuel, he was waiting outside his apartment with his little backpack on with his BofM and reading glasses, and pamphlets. He turns and sees us, throws his hands up in the air and yells "Hermana's!!" :) He is so cute! He is a really short, 55 year old man from Mexico and he loves the Gospel :) He has his doubts but we set him on date for June 29th to be baptized! There hasn't been a baptism in this area for over 5 months! So hopefully we will see one soon!

There are SO many more people (everyone here lets us in) and we have so many appointments set up, but we get stood up a lot. Those are just a few of our investigators right now. You grow to love them so much! I just want everyone to accept the gospel here!! I also have found out that I love to Bible Bash (surprisingly!)

The transfer meeting on Thursday was nuts. This mission is spliting and half of the people got called to the new mission in Richmond VA! So a bunch of new people are leaving the DC South mission. There were 38 new missionaries who entered the day that I did with about 8 visa waiters. That was the biggest group in history for this mission. The work is hastening!! :)

So, last night, we ate a HUGE dinner with other Hermana's that live close by to break our fast. Afterwards I was SO full and we were out proselyting. There was a BBQ going on and we were walking by and they waved us to come on over (everyone here knows the Hermana's:)) We walked in the house and they gave us a HUGE plate of carne asada. Like piled on there. So we sat down and ate it, the WHOLE plate. Oh my gosh, I thought I was going to explode! I was so full! And Carne Asada is this special steak with rice and tomatoes (I am not a fan of tomatoes), so I was kind of scared to eat it. But, Heavenly Father helped me eat it, the whole plate! I was praying the whole time! And it was SO unbelievably good. The steak was PERFECT (just for Dad :)) But really, though, that steak rivaled with Dad's! I'll have to have him make me Carne Asada when I get home!

I'm doing so well! I am learning so much more than I ever thought I would and I just love the people here, I love preaching the Gospel and I love learning more about Christ every single day. I have a strong testimony that this is the true church. I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and I know that Heavenly Father listens to our prayers. I know this gospel is true. With all my heart! And I just want to share that with everyone here is Leesburg and later on in Peru! My companion and I are getting along just fine! Her trainer was native so It's kind of different when neither of us speak amazing Spanish. For sure a learning experience! We can speak about the same amount but she understands MUCH better than I do! So we make a good team :) We are getting by! But most importantly, we are just loving the people and doing everything we possibly can to help them come closer to Christ. I love it so much here and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to come here to the DC South mission and meet all of the amazing people here :) 

I decided to really try to focus more on becoming like Christ during my mission. So, on pg. 127 of Preach My Gospel, there are a list of Christ-like attributes with a bunch of scriptures. Each month, I am picking one attribute, and really focusing on developing that attribute and studying it in the scriptures. The attribute I worked on in May was Patience (ironic huh?) and this month I am focusing on Hope. I want to invite the family and everyone back home to do this with me! So, pick a characteristic, you can do the same one as me if you want, and really focus on that characteristic this month! It has helped me so much and I have learned a lot from it! So you should all do that :) It will be great :)

Alright I love you all! Thanks so much for all of your support and love! This gospel is true!!


Hermana Agle. 

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