Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Loving the Work in Leesburg, VA

Hermana Camille Sarah Agle
Washington DC South Mission Office
5242 Lyngate Ct.
Burke, VA 22015  
Hey everyone!

This week has been great! I am learning more and more everyday and I just am loving it here in Leesburg! I am so excited to go to Peru, but also SO grateful I could come here and have this experience :)

So, I want to tell you about Brenda! Brenda is a 15 year old girl who we had never seen before a couple days ago. We were talking to an old man, Jose Amaye (He had a stroke this week! But he's fine now), and Brenda just walked up to us with this HUGE smile on her face. We turned to her (kind of taken back because people never just come up to us unless they know us), and she just wanted to know EVERYTHING about us! She was so interested in why we walk up and down the street all day every day! So we talked to her and set up an appointment where we agreed to teach her 1/2 the gospel and 1/2 English (we teach everyone English haha). So we went to her house and when we walked in, there were drums and guitars and microphones everywhere. I was kind of naive and was said, "oh wow, does your family play all these instruments??" Hermana Ward kind of gave me a "noooooo" look and then I realized that her house was a worship home for the Penacostal Church hahaha. Her family is SUPER Penacostal, and that was an interesting lesson. She was really just interested in English and being our friends :) 

We really do teach English a lot! We tutor 4 little 5 year olds twice a week in English. We play games with them and just talk to them in English. They are ROWDY. But it's so fun :) And their Grandma always gives us a bunch of food after! The Escobars are so great :) We also teach a 40 year old man 1/2 the gospel and 1/2/ English every Thursday. It's crazy how much people want to learn English from the two little white girls that walk around "little El Salvador" every day!!

Church is great. We meet in a little Spanish group (not even a branch) of about 15 people. It's so small. I spoke the first Sunday! Relief Society has three women, and four missionaries haha :) We love our little Spanish group :) We are trying to teach as many men as possible so we can get enough Priesthood holders in the group to make it a branch. Manuel is still on date for June 29th!! He'll be another member in the little spanish group :) Manuel is funny, though, he still doesn't understand how church works and everything, so during sacrament meeting he'll just start talking during someone's talk. Haha...It makes me nervous! I sweat everytime he comes to church because I am nervous he is going to interupt someone's talk/lesson...but it's great that he's coming :) We are so excited for him :)

We fasted with Luz this week to help her prepare for baptism! We went to her house and had a fiesta to break our fast :) It was so fun and she made us SO much El Salvadorian food! It was delicious! She is really progressing :)

On Sunday it was Hermana Ward's Birthday. We had a HUGE dinner at a member's house and after, the Monicos (a SUPER Penacostal family) invited us over to eat AGAIN. They made Pan con Pollo. It was SO delicious. But I was so full. Then they pulled out the Tres Leches and just looking at it made me want to throw up! I was so full! So I had to decide, "throw up in their house, or eat tres leches?". I didn't eat any tres leches. I had to concentrate real hard on not throwing up. I was sweating, it was hard! People here like to feed you! I love the people to death :)

Well, I love being a missionary! I hope everyone is working on their Christ-like attribute and I love all of you! A great quote I heard this week: "Make the decision NOW to become a consecrated member of this church, and all that encompasses. Because Satan makes sin most appealing to those that are undecided". I love you all!!

Hermana Agle

P.S.  So Mom, there is a member here who comes out with us almost every night because she has her mission call to Honduras. And guess who she is?? One of my friends from BYU! I was so excited when I opened the door to our apartment and she was there!! Haha it is such a small Mormon world. I love doing missionary work with her. And YEAH! Heather Cummings, Tona's cousin, came out and taught with us a couple nights ago! She was darling!!

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