Thursday, June 19, 2014

I LOVE Huaraz!

Hey, sorry I don't have much time today. Things are going great! I love being here in Huaraz! Here is part of my email to President Archibald this week...

Hermana Medina and I are doing great. I am trying to speak English to her as much as possible. She was very surprised at how important learning English is in the mission, and I let her know that she WAS going to be fluent by the time she finishes. This week she has learned how to say a prayer and bear a simple testimony. I am really determined to help her with her English! We are doing great together. She is amazing! Very very smart with a strong testimony. We have the same goals. We were a little frustrated this week because our family of 4 didn't come to church...they were traveling in Lima. But we have set goals for this coming week, and are ready to achieve those goals. 

This week I realized the importance of repentance in my own life. If we are not repenting as missionaries, we will not help our investigators to repent. And like one of my favorite scriptures in 3 Nephi, all of those that come to repentance will be baptized in the water. So I am focusing a lot on my own personal repentance so that I can help others to be able to repent. In your meetings this week, you talked about the importance of teaching with power and authority, and I want to be able to declare repentance with power and authority. So, I am making repentance a bigger part of my focus and I know we will be able to help so many families repent. Also, the sacrament has really had a different meaning for me ever since I have been focusing more on my personal repentance...dramatically. I know that the Atonement of Jesus Christ is real. It has changed me and changed the lives of people I have been able to teach. I know it will also play a role in the future families that Hermana Medina and I teach.

Love you all!! Keep working hard!!

Hermana Agle

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