Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I Love, Love, Love teaching the Gospel

Samahara's Baptism this week...isn't she just the cutest!!

This week was awesome! A little girl named Samahara was baptized!! She is 9 and her mom is a member, but is very inactive. We have been working with Samahara these past couple of weeks to prepare her for her baptism and she was finally baptized this past weekend :) She is so sweet, and she really wants to be a missionary some day :) Her baptism really helped her mom as well. She is starting to re-activate and we will continue to visit them almost every day. We have a new key-indicator in the mission called "Rescued" for the less-actives that we help re-activate. So we will rescue Yulisa, Samahara's mom :) The family is so great :) Samahara's dad lives in Virginia(the DC South mission!!!!!!) and he was just baptized this past weekend as well!! It was so sweet to have two people get baptized this weekend from the same family, in two very different missions in the world, both of which I served in. Kind of cool, huh? :) So we are happy for this family! :)

We continue to work with the Quiroz family to prepare them for their baptism!! They are still so great and every time I teach them, I am humbled. Their house is just a little straw house with no light and we just teach around a little candle. They LOVE the Book of Mormon. LOVE it. If every member of the church loved the Book of Mormon as much as they did, Christ could come tomorrow because we would be ready! It has been so incredible watching their testimonies slowly grow and their love for the church sky-rocket. They love it every time we visit. And they are just the cutest little family. This is the kind of family that everyone wishes to find on their mission. The ward also loves them so much. Everyone is involved to help the family with anything they need, and so humbled every time we ask them to come with us to a lesson at their house. I love this family. I love love love them! And am so excited for them to get sealed in the temple. They will be able to get sealed around Nov. 1 of next year so I might just chill in Peru after my mission until then so I can go to the sealing! haha. It is amazing how much love you can develop for your investigators! I feel as if they are my own family :)

Thanks for all your emails and all of your support! I miss you guys a lot! I am glad that everyone is doing OK, Dad enjoyed his birthday, and Ave could come home for the weekend. Sounds like you guys had a good time. And tell the Harts that I am praying for them. Sounds like a really hard time for them. It also sounds like they are handling it the right way. Heavenly Father is watching over their family, and Jordan. I love you guys! Talk to you next week!

Hermana Agle

Food from America...brought by our Pensionista's daughter

Samahara's beautiful family!
Dayana and Priscila Quiroz :) So Cute!
Peruvian dogs are hairless!

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