Tuesday, October 8, 2013

General Conference was the Best!

This boy's name is Josua(Joshua)...he's basically Joshua's twin!

Hey Mom!
This week has been incredible!! We were able to get 9 people to general conference! And every single one of them loved it! Conference was SO AMAZING!! I really loved all of the talks too! I thought it was cool how President Monson said that this conference has been one of the most influential he has ever heard! Isn't that amazing?!  I loved his talk on Sunday morning. I also LOVED Elder Holland's as well! Also, the talk on Saturday morning about Christ-like attributes, I really liked that one! Helped me a lot! Conference is the best on the mission :) Better than Christmas! Here is a really cool experience I had this week! I wrote this to President so I'm just going to copy and paste :)

This week, like I said, we set the Villa family on date. And it was a really amazing experience! We were all huddled together in their little carpentry shop and we had just finished teaching all of them lesson 3. We have been teaching them for a while but one of them, Bryan, it was our first time teaching him. After we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we invited them to live it and be baptized. We went around the circle specifically to each person and invited them to be baptized. The spirit was SO strong! I felt like I was in a testimony meeting, because one by one we went around the circle and each person expressed their desire to be baptized. Even Bryan, who we had never taught before, expressed his gratitude for general conference and his desire to be baptized. The 14 year old, Naysha, said that during conference, she had received answers to some of her questions and she also expressed her desire to be baptized. I could feel Heavenly Father's love so strongly in that room. We taught them about the Celestial Kingdom and one of the steps to get there as a family is baptism. The spirit was so strong and we could see the desire in all of them to get baptized into the true church of God. It was really an amazing experience! We are so excited for this family!

The Villa family is the family I told you about last week :) We are SO excited for their baptism :) It was interesting because remember how we changed our areas? The DAY we started working in El Condor, our new area, we met this family and we've been teaching them ever since :) And from the beginning I have had such a strange feeling about them. I feel like I know them! Like I have met them somewhere before! And I have felt from the beginning that they are ready for baptism :) It has been really exciting working with them and preparing them for baptism :) 
So a year from TODAY, I will be coming home from the mission. Crazy huh?? The transfers are October 7th next year. I really hope you and Dad can come here to Peru to pick me up and you can meet all of the ward members and converts! Although you wont be able to speak Spanish...but I will translate! You have a year, start practicing! :)

That is a great idea to set aside 30 minutes a day to study your scriptures! (I mentioned to Cami that I had recommitted myself to this each day)It will help you a LOT! I'm glad I have the mission where I can develop those habits. It will really help you remember the Savior throughout your day. Something I have learned here is that we can't just depend on Sunday's to get our spiritual nourishment. Every single day if we read and study the scriptures, or read a conference talk or something, we can strengthen our testimony a little bit, and grow firmer and firmer in the gospel. I loved the talk this weekend about how NOW is the time to strengthen and live our testimonies and told tight to the Iron rod. I know that reading your scriptures every day will really help you do that. You will grow so much closer to your Savior, and strive to live more like him. This church is so true. Every time I teach someone about it, my testimony grows stronger! I am so happy and privileged to be one of the 80,000 missionaries that is serving in the world right now. It was so amazing to hear every single person that prayed in conference, include the missionaries! I am so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ :) Love you all!!! Keep working hard to strengthen you testimonies!!

Con BASTANTE amor,
Hermana Agle :)
I met Collin Russell's teacher from the Peru MTC...he's in my Stake!!

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