Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Work in Huaraz

This week was great! A little slow...haha. We had about three days in a row where we walked and walked and walked all day long and no one let us in. So that was a little rough. We got home SO tired at night!! But there were a few awesome things that happened!
This week we went to Kari and Juan's house and taught them how to make lasagna! Oh my goodness, I haven't eaten American food (lasagna isn't American but it's something that I LOVE) in so long and this lasagna was SO good. So we went to their house in the morning and cooked for them and surprised Juan when he got home from work. That was really fun! They are progressing. Kari comes to church every week and Juan comes when he can...his work schedule is really difficult. Kari said that as she was praying this week to know if she should get baptized, she flipped open the Book of Mormon right to 3 Nephi 11 and read about baptism. She said that she felt like it was an answer, and we helped her realize that Heavenly Father really listens and answers our prayers, and that He was trying to speak to her through the scriptures. Growing up we had a quote in our house that says ¨If you want to talk to God, Pray. If you want God to talk to you, Read Your Scriptures¨ That quote is SO true! Heavenly Father communicates through the scriptures and He did that day to Kari. Unfortunately, we have agency and sometimes we don't listen to what He is telling us. We are going to keep working with Juan and Kari so they can both decide to be baptized and make this covenant that is so important to Heavenly Father (the picture of Huaraz is right in front of Juan and Kari's house).

This week we had another interesting experience. We had walked ALL day long, and nobody would let us in their house. We were both really tired and we didn't really know what else to do besides contact in the street. Well, we walked past the church and it was open, so we decided to go in and kneel down and say a prayer and ask Heavenly Father where He needed us to go. I had a very strong impression that we should go visit a less active named Javier, and ask him for references. I felt very strongly that he had references to give us. So we got up and headed straight over to his house. We went in and taught him about missionary work and at the end of the lesson we invited him to share the gospel and we asked him if he had any references for us. At first he said no. He said that he didn't know anyone. Well, I KNEW that he had a reference, so we insisted. Turns out, he gave us 4 references that were great! 

The next day in the morning we went out to contact all of these references. We got to one (that was a family of 5) and knocked and they weren't there. But the neighbor came out and so we started talking to her. Turns out she and her 4 kids have been looking for a church and we taught her about how her family could live together forever in the presence of God and she was so excited to hear our message! She is a widow. The Lord was able to lead us to this family that is so prepared to hear the gospel...in a very interesting way...but I know that Heavenly Father heard our prayer and provided a way for us to find this family that needs the gospel in their life.
This picture is of a little baby boy named Mattias who comes with us to almost all of our lessons. He is a convert's nephew and we bring this convert with us to a bunch of our lessons and Matty usually comes with us :) He is so cute, he'll sit in his little chair and as we read the Book of Mormon he just sits there and smiles with the book open in his lap. He is really cute :)

Hermana Agle

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