Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Lord Prepares His People

This has been a great week! Juan and Karin are progressing towards baptism and Wilder as well!! Wilder is doing so great! We have seen so many miracles with him. He loves the Book of Mormon and he loves the church! Everything we teach him he is so open to!! Here are a few awesome things that have happened this week:
Wilder and Jorge
This week we had a really amazing experience with Wilder. Like I said, he reads his scriptures every day and understands and is praying and coming to church. I have seen the miracles that happen in someones life when they live the gospel. Wilder just keeps telling us that he feels so much joy in his life. He tells everyone who asks him ¨Ever since I have been meeting with the missionaries, I have just felt so much joy in my life¨. Wilder, when we found him, worked on Sundays. We taught him about the Sabbath day but probably not as well as we should have. We didnt commit him to stop working on Sundays, just to come to church. So we decided to teach him the Sabbath again and commit him to not work on Sundays to keep the sabbath day holy. Well, we started the lesson and after the prayer Wilder said ¨Hermana's I have something to tell you. I liked church so much this Sunday, I decided that I am going to stop working on Sunday's so that I can dedicate this day to the Lord and go to church.¨ He has been so prepared!! When we heard that, we promised him blessings and continued with a different lesson plan because he was so prepared for that lesson haha. We have seen these kind of miraces in both Wilder and Juan and Kari. They have just felt so good in their lives, keeping the commandments, that the Lord is preparing them for baptism. We are praying and dilligently working so that they can be baptized on the 23rd of August!

Also, Wilder commented to us that for the past 20 years he has heard about the church. He said that His uncle (who was a branch President) invited him every Sunday, but he never went. He said he just never felt anything...but he said to us this week ¨Hermana's, when you guys came and talked to me in the street that day, I felt something different. I felt a Spirit that was telling me to listen to you. And everytime I learn from you two I feel that same spirit again and I just know that I need to listen to your message because it is true. You two are different and this time it is different...I feel it!¨ That was pretty amazing to hear. Hermana Medina and I read Doctrine and Covenants 100 this week and we know that we have been prepared to teach Wilder. It is interesting because throughout my whole mission I have been working on developing Christ-like attributes, specifically humility. I have prayed and fasted my whole mission to help me develop this attribute that is so important. And one thing Wilder said was that he liked how humble we were. He noticed that and decided that he should listen to us because of that. I know that the Lord prepares us to bring His gospel to His children. I am so grateful for the experience to be here and find Heavenly Father's children that are prepared to accept the gospel :) 
Yungay and the Statue of Christ
We went to Yungay and it was AWESOME! Basically what happened in Yungay is way back in 1970 there was an avalanche and the WHOLE city was covered with snow. Every single person in the town died, except a school of little kids who were on a field trip up to the statue of Christ that day. Legend has it that when the avalanche happened, they were up with Christ and the snow reached up to the feet of Christ...but didn't go higher. So, the little children with Christ were saved :)
Well, I hope you all have a great week! I love being a missionary and I am learning more and more every day. I know that the church is true and that Christ is our Savior. Heavenly Father knows and loves each one of us. Keep pressing on! Love you all!!

Hermana Agle
Hermana Bills and her companion...Love them!

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