Tuesday, May 20, 2014

This is Not Goodbye...It's a See You Later :)

Hermana Agle lost her Grandpa Agle this week.  This photo was taken just 3 years ago on his 80th Birthday :)
This week has been a roller-coaster for sure...With the news of Grandpa passing away and lots of new things happening in my area. When President Archibald called me on Saturday, he first asked me if I had a little bit of help from the other side of the veil that day. Once he said that, I knew what he was going to say. President said that it is hard to hear news(death of a family member) like that, but really I am going to be able to see a difference in the work. He said Grandpa was going to be there on the other side of the veil working along with me. I have been able to feel that this week. I am grateful for the peace that comes from the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation. Things that happen like this are sad here on the earth. But through Jesus Christ, we will be able to see Grandpa again. I know this is true. This is not goodbye, it's a see you later :) I know that more than ever right now. And during these days I have felt so much peace knowing that. I know Grandpa is happy right now and we will see him again :) I am grateful for this knowledge that I have :) I wish I could be there for the funeral to be with all of you, Grandma, Dad, Brad and Jeff. I hope you can all remember this knowledge that you have and the great Plan that Heavenly Father has created for us. We will see Grandpa again. I testify that that is true. 

This week we have been working with so many less actives and we have seen fruits! A family of 7, that has been less active for years came to church this week!! The mom is the reason they haven't gone to church. We met them last Tuesday and the mom told us that the members had offended her and that's why her family of 7 doesn't go to church. Well, Hermana Leyva and I were very direct with her. I felt so strongly that I needed to tell her the things the way they are and not pillow any of it. So we loaded it on her. And look at that, the Spirit knows what he's talking about! She opened up completely! She said that she is used to people just pillow talkin her but that we have ¨SPUNK¨ and that it is what she needed. So they came to church on Sunday and we are working with them to get them to the temple. They are the familia Soto Ore :) So I'll get back to them in the future.
On the 31st of May we have a baptism. Her name is Ofelia and she has a little boy named Snayder who is two. They are very very poor. They live on the coast of the ocean in a little tiny room with just a bed and a stove. They live in the same place as pigs and chickens and a whole bunch of guinea pigs. And Ofelia has a HARD life story. Really hard. She has suffered a lot. But it has been amazing to see the way the gospel has changed her life little by little. She has a little bit more light in her eyes when we visit her. Her love the of The Book Of Mormon is growing. She recognizes the Spirit she feels while at church. We are working on really converting our baptisms so that we are not just creating more less actives. And we are excited to finishing preparing Ofelia to be baptized the 31st of May :)

Well, Kaela is getting married this week and time is going super fast! I am learning to enjoy every minute I have here in Peru as a missionary. I am sad I won't be at her wedding but I know it will be a very very special day :) I am proud of her :)

Keep pushing on, reading your scriptures, praying, going to church and striving to be like Christ every day. Doing that will bring so many blessings into your life and you will feel so much happiness. I am grateful for this gospel :) This week I am going up north to Huaraz so be waiting for beautiful pictures next week :) And I will be waiting for beautiful pictures from Kaela's wedding :) I love you all! Have a great week and I will be praying and thinking about the Agle family all week. I wish I could be there but I will be thinking about you guys. I love you all!
Hermana Agle

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  1. Hi Janell, send me your email address, and I would be happy to give you some tips to help your daughter prepare. She is going to love her experience in Peru!!

    ~Jenny (jennyagle at gmail dot com)